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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday Tea Time in the Garden

Wow, what gorgeous weather we are having, it's a little windy but feels good. Having my tea outside today, got a new teawagon at the auction on Friday so going to use it. Instead of sweets though, having fruit and cheese, I was bad on the weekend. A new tearoom opened in neighbouring town -Port Hope, so we visited it. It is called........ (have to get back with the name-forgotten), was a tea room years and years ago and was very successful, the owners just got tired of the work and retired.
Will show a couple of pictures of it, before I do my tea.

Very lovely inside, lots of teacups, prints on the floor of Walter Campbell, a local artist from the town of Uxbridge, linen table cloths very lovely. To the left is a door out to the patio. The rest of the house is a B&B very nicely decorated.

Frank studying the menu, tea was excellent, had a herbal tea, and Frank had a coffee. Hadn't had his quota for the day yet. We ordered High tea for two, came on  three tiered plates, bottom was sandwiches-cucumber, egg, tuna-maybe 8 quarters-were excellent, fresh-crusts on. But that was okay, second tier had two scones, tiny, with a ? drew a blank on the small dish of Devonshire cream and another of jam, no butter and scones were a little hard, but ok. The top tier had two strawberries cut in half and two small tarts, excellent but not enough. I ordered a carrot cake besides and it was great. See if you want scones, you get one, seemed cheesy to me, but I will try it again, atmosphere was wonderful. She also had quiche and salad and it was a great proportion. So will try it the next time.

Now for my tea today, because I had the carrot cake on Saturday (not to mention an ice cream cone Sunday) I'm not having a sweet today or tomorrow or anytime in the future.

My new brass tea wagon, ( I had bid on a walnut tea wagon also, but didn't get it, will be more in the future),
Using a yellow teapot with gold to match the tea wagon, it is one I have had for years and love it, (have seen it in a deep blue and it's gorgeous with the gold) tea pot is a Burslem,

Cup n saucer is a Royal Albert Evesham is the pattern, looking for  one with yellow and it so pretty. Had another one -a Shelley, doesn't match though it has daffodils, one has roses and I have a tea coaster that has blossoms on it, quite mixed up. Then my fruit and cheese is on Serena it at least has the roses to match the cup n saucer-a little tacky-oh well got the colour right anyways.

A cup of peppermint tea

my punishment for overeating...

Turned out Frank didn't get home to join me for a cup of tea, so this didn't get used, so not too mismatched,
and the Tea Coaster below (not the proper name-not doing so well today, wrong names, not matching-weather is great though)

it is so pretty, another auction goody that I have had for years.

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  1. Hi Betty: I am coveting your tea cups today. They are just stunning! Always love to visit. Hugs, Martha

  2. I love tea rooms and sounds like you had a grand time. Your teacups are gorgeous. I love teacups with scenes! Happy Tea Day!

  3. Hi Betty,
    Sounds like you had a nice time at the tea room. I love tea rooms! We don't have many here on the Island unfortnately. I love your RA Evesham teacup and the gold teapot is gorgeous! Lovely tea cart too. I'm still looking for one. Never do see any around here. Thank you for joining me for tea today, Betty, and have a lovely week.


  4. Hello Betty,
    Your tea today looks lovely and delicious! I do enjoy a savory tea as well as a sweet one. The yellow and gold tea pot is fabulous! Love that shape! And each tea cup set too is gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing tea with us today.

  5. Hi Betty, Love the tearoom - it's so beautifully decorated. I also love your tea cart, the linens on it, and your stunning teapot! What a lovely tea!

  6. Hi Betty! I'm drooling over your teacups, just gorgeous! The Royal A. teapot is stunning, it's so different and even modern for today. I love high tea, wish I was there. Tank you for you wonderful and sweet wishes for our Sil.

  7. what a fun post and visit you had to the tearoom. I am so glad you linked to my blog for Tea in the Garden.

  8. Your teacups are gorgeous! The teapot is lovely too! What a lovely tea!

  9. I missed you on Tuesday! What a pretty set of teacups. Love your tea cart. Perfect! The Shelley Daffodil Time is a spring favorite of mine.

  10. What an adorable tea room! I've just enjoyed reading your blog and admiring all your photos!