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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Time for Tuesday Tea

Sure have missed all you ladies. I got approved as a stockist for chalk paint by Annie Sloan, along with a retailer for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, then Christmas, a week with no hydro and life just got in the way.
This winter we have had more snow, ice than what any of the old timers have ever seen, I know everyone thinks because we are in Canada this is the way it always is, but it isn't. Winter started so early and hope it will soon be gone.
So welcome, come in and have a cup of tea and cookies. Tea today is raspberry cream earl grey, tea leaves a Christmas gift from a very good friend.

Teapot and cups n saucers are Royal Winton, so so pretty
China plates are bridal wreath by Limoges, makes me long for summer time seeing all these roses.

Two different shaped tea cups and most of you women would know the shapes and names of them. 
This one is shaped like a tulip, while the other is open more.

All the gold pieces are Royal Winton.

Tea is so refreshing...

 Enjoy peanut butter cookie and macaroons.

On February 15th I am having a tea for my mother who will be 80, holding it here for 26 women.
 So getting the lay out of the room in my mind.

I will be joining

Iam joining Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday
Martha atTea Cup Tuesday
Terri at Tea Cup Tuesday
Bernideen at Tea in the Garden


  1. I guess you heard me thinking of you - so glad you posted because you always have such a lovely presentation!

  2. Hi Betty,
    I know what you mean by the old-fashioned winter we're having. I am longing for springtime so badly! I'm glad we don't have winter like this every year.
    Your RW china is stunning and I love the Limoges too. I am loving your tiered plate stand; it's gorgeous! Your tea for your mother is sure to be a wonderful time of celebration as you have so many beautiful pieces of china. So happy to have you join me today!


  3. Hi Betty, Your table looks beautiful! I especially like the gold pieces; I've never seen any like them. Your Limoges china is delicate and feminine and beautiful as well.

  4. A beautiful teascape ... quite elegant with the gold Royal Winton. Happy Birthday to your Mother. Stay warm!

  5. I enjoyed visiting your tea party. The gold pieces are lovely!

  6. Hi Betty,

    What a splendid tea table! I just adore your pretty Royal Winton. It has been nice sipping with you.

  7. Hello Betty
    Nice to see you back for tea and using your gorgeous RW teacups.
    Be sure to take lots of photos of your mother's BD tea.

  8. What a beautiful tea time! Your teacups are beautiful!