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Monday, 25 February 2013

Tea time with Fanny

Welcome to my looking for spring tea, just finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, last week read Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. So my tea today is inspired by Jane Austen's Mansfield Park to the trees, flowers, bird baths, and gardens. When I was deciding what my tea was today was drawn to the Cup n Saucer it just reminded me of Fanny, such a refreshing lovely young lady she was... so our tea today will be with Miss Price.

March is coming up, daffodil month here, so using my yellow teapot.

this cake plate was my mil's,  the long gowns, beautiful flowers, reminded me of Fanny or Elinor?

or maybe Emma, staring that one today, although so far not so elegant or rich of a
a life, but I'm sure it will change. All the gardens sound so beautiful.
this is teacup and saucer I got at auction about three months ago, such a pretty gown...

my apologies for teacup and saucer below, the saucer is upside down, duhhhhhhhhhhh,
springtime it's coming, trees are getting their leaves, flowers are blooming,
this is a Shelley called Daffodil Time and it sure is-if this snow ever leaves

added some Royal Winton candlesticks, roses-roses are always welcome

the teacup and saucer of the lady in the gown is a Colclough

the sandwich or cake plate is Birdbath

I needed some Daffodils and I know I will go to town tomorrow and will see a pile of them. Usually on the street corners, but to early yet.
I can't believe I took all those pictures and saucer is upside down.
Every Friday for 42 years, I stage our auctions, arrange furniture, to look appealing, we try to
make it look like it is in your home. China and glasses, in cabinets, arranged neatly, but the
most important thing is cups n saucers are arrange with saucer -if a scene -top is at the top, teacup always has handle facing to the right and they are all lined up like little soldiers and I didn't see this.
I would be fired and that would really upset me, the pay is so much...

what a lovely water fountain with all the blue and yellow flowers in the background.

yellow is so uplifting isn't it, nice to use in this dull month.

we used this teapot for years, love it, but you can see all the age marks
(their is a name for that), so got worried it might get broken. Friends have one
like this in a royal blue and it is gorgeous

as you can see the background of the pond is still full of snow, hopefully this week will mostly be gone. Storm coming from the states Wednesday, but not much longer now, March 1st Friday, what a joyous feeling that spring is around the corner,
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Monday, 18 February 2013

Family Day Tea

 Beautiful sunny day today, it's Family Day in Ontario, so a holiday for everyone. Took my two youngest grandsons snowboarding and came home and sat down to a quiet cup of tea. My roses are almost finished, so thought I would stick with the rose theme.

they are still beautiful aren't they, they are in a large opened decorative bowl

I so love these plates, have six and one large, they are Limoge, I used them for my tea, last spring, they are so delicate

this teapot is a Sadler, English Rose by Roy Kirkham

because of the roses the Royal Albert American Beauty of my MIL's matches perfectly, I have shown these before, but you can never tire of them. Also, matching roses on the napkin, along with teapots and cups n saucers.

the little dish is Old English Rose also Royal Albert with sweets in it
look at all our lovely snow in my pond outside, soon be gone...

there is also a china mug that matches the teapot, which hubby likes, but regardless
of mug or teacup, tea can only be in china, not the same in pottery cups.

very strong looking tea, I think it's coffee, forgot to boil the kettle, so settled for coffee as it was already made,
thank you for sharing tea with me today, and to all the Ontarioens hope you had a happy relaxing Family day and God bless..
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Delight

Happy Valentines Friends
Such a LOVEly time of the year,
Hubby has to work tomorrow night so we had our valentines dinner tonight. I surprised him
First I redid my dining room table for Valentines, it had been silver, purple and jade. I have shown my Serena dishes before, but have a purple cloth and purple glasses. I use a mirror for the center of the table, it's my grandsons off his wall, makes a great centrepiece.

roses and more roses

roses in satin glass rosebowls

need help with this-how should a glass knife rest sit beside the dinner plate,
have checked and checked, came up with this on the bread plate, but not right-but it is ok.

see the knife rest a little better

I love Serena dishes Royal Albert? I believe, these were my daughters and she didn't want them anymore, no dining room, so I bought them from her and then bought another 8 place setting off kiiji with teapot. Tricia (daughter) had a pile of accessory pieces, but missing the teapot. Have told this story before, but they are so pretty and delicate.

Tonight hubby needed to got to town-duhhh, knew why, he needed to do shopping for Valentines-never mind that we spent morning in a mall in Toronto- with chocolate stores, lingerie, flowers-more important SHOES behind him, where he was reading the paper. Then comes home and rushes into town in a panic. Well he headed out and I decided to have a Valentines dinner in our family room, so I ran like mad and I mean ran-got a table, tablecloth, good china, serviettes, candleabra-tried for gold trimming, but that wasn't working, wine glasses, purple with rhinestones, my mil's Aynsely cup n saucers, salad bowls, bread plate, teapot, and cook dinner. We had left hamburg out, our daughter is back living with us, but had gone out tonight so perfect timing. Meal isn't too exciting, but hubby likes anything.

Did hamburg, with onions, mushrooms, baked a potato, did a salad, sliced cheese, went looking for his valentines card I made him-it was upstairs I barrelled up them, with Daisy barking at my heels, trying to figure out what I was doing, found a box of chocolates I had bought him, ran back down stairs, got the two chairs in front of fireplace, even dusted off the tea wagon. Had all this done in 40 minutes when he walked in,with roses, and chocolates. And we sat down to eat, and I was sweating like a pig at this point, did calm down, but it was all ready and a nice surprise.

Finished up with tea, the teapot is Royal Albert -New Country Roses

turned out to be a lovely dinner, quiet, romantic-perfect.
tablecloth looks wrinkled-tacky it wasn't though

remembered my Old Country Rose heart dish

chocolates upside down, sometimes I'm a ditz

Again Happy Valentines Day and God bless

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Well last night I went to bed about 1:00 which is early for me, but I was tired-layed there -wide awake, twisted and turned, turned and twisted. So two oclock up I got, went downstairs, got out a step ladder and started taking down my cloches. Put out a table cloth, new one that I hadn't used yet. lot of roses-after all it's valentines-so roses are good. Our house is right on the road, so I'm sure people going by, must have thought I was nuts-in my nightgown putting out glass domes.
going to start with my new apothecary jar, full of cinamon hearts.

this is the top off of an anniversary clock, the clock was plastic so not worth anything, makes a great cover though

this is my favourite, got it at homesense a long time ago and a green cloche that went on the glass plate above, (friend borrowed them and broke the green one). This pink one is on a pedestal glass plate, with a lipe all the way around, very nice stand. An antique cranberry small pitcher.

this cloche is huge and heavy, love it, got it off ebay, three tiered cake stand is inside. The cloche is great for when I do have cupcakes or squares on the stand...

this cloche is different that it goes in at the base, looks like a bell, but is really quite useless, only holds a small 2 tier stand.

same as above

again the same on a different cake stand,
behind it is a new one from homesense that I got twoo weeks ago

the anniversary clock cover on min. cup cake stands

got this one off ebay

another ebay buy. The teapot is chintz behind and I got it at auction

cake stand with teapot, the roses are for valentines

cloches, glass pedestal cake stands and four-handled cake stands two and three pedestal layers.
I went to bed about three and still layed awake until four. When hubby got up this morning
this is what met him, he was all excited -thought I was cleaning out for the items to go to auction. I was lucky he hadn't carried it all over to the auction centre or I should say he is lucky he didn't...
didn't think I had any heart shaped china but found this piece last night so had to show it. The pattern just slipped my mind and it's so common.

this is another new day

anyone for tea?

the cloches, apothecary jar and glass lids alone

and that is the end of cloche
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