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Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Home/Tree Tour

Welcome to my home, Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, I love it. I start to decorate after halloween, it does take a long time, I'm still finishing up a tree. I actually saw paper snowflakes on BJs post today and going to make some for a tree semi decorated.

I have posted my dining room over the last couple of weeks, but have since changed a table, brought a bigger one in from kitchen area and switched. We are having 12 for dinner and this table is bigger with four leaves, could eat in the kitchen, but too messy.

all ready for the big day, this is our larger table, an oak double pedestal and so heavy, Frank and I moved it in, took the four leaves out first. This table is also 6 inches wider, sure makes a difference, now just need to move the extra chairs in,

oh... yeh the food would be great,
below is the white Christmas tree, decorations are purple, black and teal
peacock feathers, and butterflies, the table setting is
the smaller table.

this is the tree in the kitchen, always have had a full size, that I won, from a decorating store. So I bought a smaller one -black although you can't tell and used the deocrations from the other one. Santa is laying beneath the tree, must take a picture of him alone, he's getting rested before the big day.
the tree skirt and the comforter on the back of the bench, match, belong to my daughter. She loves country, sort of country french-sort of.
the light has a gold cone that my grandson and I put on the lamp, doesn't quite reach the top, we need to lift it up,

then Trey (grandson) added the greenery and the icicles
moving to our living room below, is our fireplace

because we use the fireplace so much, the stockings won't be put up yet.

the santa heads on each side are Jacqueline Kents, she is a
very popular designer in our area, but is in the states too, specializing inolder faces, expressions are beautiful.
one of my Santas in the sleigh, he has a fur coat on, must be hot in front of the fire...

this is our memory tree, (got that from Fabby) ornaments have been from when we were first married,
42 years ago, although those days, I made them,
popcorn and use to hang cookies.
Betty Boops, airplanes, hubby plays the accordion, microphone for auctioning,
hockey players for grandsons, Gone w/the Wind, Wizard of Oz....

this is more my side, Lucy, Marilyn Munroe, Barbies,
Black Santas, kitchen items-stove, ladder for when we moved into this house five years ago,

Shelties, Ralphie, famous shoe lamp, Waterford decorations,
Tim Hortons on and on each one has a meaning
Have a village set up and a railing deocrated, plus a santa collection that I haven't got pictures of. Another time, or maybe another year.
Going upstairs now

these picture and frames I just added, trying to find small frames 3 x 5 and no luck,
been all over the countryside

below is one of my favourite trees, it's my shoe and purse feather tree,
lights are in pink and purple,

these are new boots that a friend got me in Niagara on the Lake... love them, would like them in real...
this room we call the turret room on the front of our house. My scrapping room, the tree to the right died on me yesterday, they change colours.
almost finished, hope you're not bored
this tree is in the green room, pre lit two years old, and the centre is out
not finished -going to put the paper snow flakes and have baby's breath, in it is a work in progress
green room above is spare room -but the boys room
bathroom below is pink and boys bathroom

gee do I want a girl?
another view of the shoe tree, and the garland on the railing, to the right of it,is a computer station
for my grandsons

Franks great grandparents, they came over from Devon in the 1850's
our grandchildren are seventh generation in the same village...
this is the last tree
our bedroom and it's an angel tree
when our first grandson was born, his dad is from Jamaica, I started collecting
black angels, very hard to find at the time, in fact I think they still are. That was 20 years ago
this is a little alcove that I have a Victorian desk/dressing table in, great for the tree. The little black chandelier hanging above serves as the tree stopper.

some of the black angels a lot of white ones too. We have three black grandsons, both daughters married Jamaicans, and our son has one son and no girls have I mentioned that before?

that is the end of the Christmas Tree Tour, hope you enjoyed it, thankyou for visiting and please come again. I try to join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage weekly.
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Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas time tea

Monday all ready, time is going fast, a week today and it's Christmas eve, and I'm not ready yet. Very unusual for me, but Iam at such a loss on what to get for gifts for family. But will finish it up tomorrow, hopefully.
Having tea besdie our Christmas tree today, a friend brought us a Friendship loaf -as neighbours and friends do when their is a death in the family.  Come in and join me for tea, it will be a quiet one as I now have laryngitis and can't talk, but your company will be enjoyed.
I have shown this teapot before, and the name has slipped me now. Notice the back ground Marilyn is going to join us, one thing about her, she is as quiet as I am...

This is a Christmas tray I painted about 22 years ago, gee I'm getting old

 these are two new cups n saucers I got a couple of weeks ago at auction. I have such a love for Black tea cups, although I do love the yellow one too.

                           the black one is so pretty, with a rusty colour on it, it is Heritage

and the soft yellow one is Tapestry, it'sof the antique series. So so pretty

an Enamel Christmas ornament that I had got at Bronners in Michigan, probably
as long ago as the tray.

at the tea cups handle is a ferris wheel ornament from Disney World
that sings it's a small world, reminds me of Newtown Connecticut,
although everything reminds you doesn't it. Such a horror...

the tea we are drinking is Black Chai, and a slice of the Friendship Loaf

these plates have no markings, and very fragile, also have had them for
longer than the other items -maybe 30-35 years

my elf shoe napkin


thank you for joining me for tea today, I want to wish everyone a Very Happy and Merry Christmas, God bless
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Monday, 10 December 2012

Tuesday Tea

 Well I'm back for a Tuesday Tea, been awhile that I have been home and able to sit back and relax with a cup of tea in the afternoon. Since hubby turned 65 in October, we have been at the hospital with his mother, who is doing well now and in a nursing home and contented to hospital in Toronto and his brother going to join the Lord on Wednesday, been rough. Every family has their time, when tragedies hit and ours has been fortunate throughout the years, now it's our turn.
So after a busy devastating weekend, home and going to enjoy a cup of tea-please join me in front of the fireplace and I will try and finish the Christmas tour of the house.
I joined Beverly for pink Saturday, so check it out after our tea

using my Royal Winton set again, love it, and it fits the season
flowers are all from the funeral, arrangements were being thrown
out, so we delivered to our church, nursing home and made smaller
ones out of the bigger ones.

my tea today is green tea, some squares and chocolate candy I made with candy canes,
below my Christmas table with the elf shoe napkins

home sweet home

small tree in pink bathroom

this tree is in the green room, set up by my grandson
and since been decorated
notice no lights in the middle, second year of pre lit tree
had to add more
below my favourite, in our bedroom,
my angel tree, when my first grandson was born, I started to collect black angels, have a pretty good collection of them and white angels too
up close of some of the angels
more below
and more
 so bedroom tree, has angels, hall has purses and shoes, and family room, has family collections
hockey players, we are Canadian and three grandsons play and collect
airplanes (hubby is a pilot), Betty Boop, accordion hubby, microphone for auctions
Wizard of Oz for grandchildren

to my side, Barbie dolls, Lucy, Marilyn Munroe
Ralphie, famous lamp

my old stove, ladders, some Waterford decorations we got in Ireland

tells our life story, this tree does, for the whole family, from when our children were grown to their children. Hope you enjoyed our home, have a couple more trees, but these were the important ones.

Merry Christmas everyone and God bless

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