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Monday, 27 May 2013

End of May tea...

Have to show off some of the wedding pictures first, our son and his wife
This is grandson, Max he was the best man for his dad. When I walked down the aisle
and the mother of the bride, Max left his dads side and walked us each down. Then
when the bride came in, he met his mother near the top and walked her the rest of
the way-it was a tear jerker for sure.

Table centrepieces and you can see the backdrop for head table, the wedding reception took
place in Newcastle in the local town hall. It is a gorgeous building and was donated to
Newcastle by the Massey family, the hall is 90 years old this year and built after old Massey
hall in Toronto.
Head table, it was so beautiful .... most of it came from my dining room, the chairs, chargers, candleabra, etc.

Welcome to my tea,
Got a new teapot at a flea market on Sunday, not at an auction, how unusual. This one matches
cups and saucers, so grabbed it quick , I had one similar to it years ago and not sure where it
We will take it outside as weather is finally getting nice.

This has a different shape than most teapots, so loving it and loving the little roses.
this has been a frustrating day, I have another similar cup n saucer like the
one below with little roses on it -and do you think I can find it, found the saucer.
Then when I was getting the tea set up, it got really windy so I ended up clearing
things away, when I did that, the wind died.  

The teapot is Arthur Wood, Cream n Sugar Royal Adderley and cup n saucer Aynsley.
The rose is one from the wedding flowers that were in the church.
 So excited to be back at this little table and chairs, will get the umbrella set up on
another tea. Their's Daisy posing in the background.
Didn't notice, but looks like Daisy moved over here for another picture. I got this hosta
yesterday and the girl at the greenhouse said to plant it in a pot, as it is unusual with the plant
coming out from a stem. But that isn't going to work, I'm sure not carrying this big pot inside f
or the winter, so I'm going to have to plant it.
One of my grandsons and I made a new waterfall this year, not quite finished,
but very pleased with the way it turned out. Will show better pictures in the coming
New patio that was installed the first of spring. So looking forward to lots of time spent here.
Thank you for joining me for a quick tea today, next time will be more relaxing, I didn't even
offer you any goodies to eat. Poor hostess...

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