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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Scrappers-scrapping, work room

This is my craft, painting, but really scrapbooking room. It is a turret, almost 7 walls and twenty some feet to the peak. Maybe more, I forget. I enjoy my turret room so much, and so do my grandchildren. Or they did when they were younger, now they are too cool to play.
Below is the overall inside of the wicker armoire.
tops shelf is scrapbooking paper 12 x 12 sheets, second row is smaller paper
third row is painting supplies, looks messy because of round containers. Going to go to town tomorrow and get bins that match and put everything in it.
Bottom row is full of pictures, all the boxes.

A year ago my daughter who is a scrapper and had sold Stampin Up moved to a smaller home and had to get rid of her supplies and she had piles, so I'am storing them for her along with mine. I do use what I need, she may never get them back but they are in good hands. I also am Chair of our local Historical Society, as well as all hubbies family history and mine (back to 1500) so it takes in a lot of pictures. Oh and I also sold Creative Memories.

By Saturday I will have this reorganized...

this is the wicker armoire...

my work table overlooks our auction centre (which is an old retro B/A garage, you can see the sign through the window)

this is stamps, ink, accessories for scrapping.
The stained glass window is in an inside wall, so that light shines through both ways. Not a problem though, this room is really bright, great room to work in. Top right is a internet printer that we can print from our phones, ipad or whatever when not at home. Works-amazes me.Also, making a bridal bouquet out of broaches for future daughter-in-law, you can see bottom right corner a bouquet styrofoam holder that I'm not going to use,  shouldn't be in picture.

Below washstand missing a door holds new scrap albums. I see two binders there that I have to move. The printer is a wide printer that I use for newsletters for auctions and the historical society. Paper cutter beside it.

Below-didn't do a close up of this wall, under the tv is a store unit that holds thread. We sold out a sewing store and got this thread holder. It is so handy. Under it is all the little goodies that go with scrapping, eyelets, punches, scissors, ribbon, wires, pens, pencils, glue, tape on and on, use it all. 
this is a chaise settee that is so comfortable, my grandson is staying with us for the week, his mom and dad are in Jamaica, will show it another time without the sheet. You can see his computer on the little table, life is good for him.
Everything is piled neatly for grandson -Trey.
Below it shows the flooring, had them do it octagonal. When I scrap, have a little fold down table I set up in the middle of the room.

this picture below is from a couple of years ago, but shows the turret room

this is the stained glass window on the outside of turret room in the hall, our hall is large and it is used in every corner.
my sewing machine and serger are here, underneath is the large paper for newsletters, no other place to store, two paintings on the floor that are grandsons. Part of my problem, they all come to live with me for awhile, but then don't take their goodies home.

two french doors that lead to an outdoor balcony, wicker sewing cabinet.

a computer centre again one belongs to grandson and one is mine,
also the router is here. Another computer, scanner, copier, came
from a police auction. This is a great area to work, so bright.

below-looks ugly, but out ironing board that is 70 years old, it came from our old house across the road. We had turned the front of old home into an apartment and this was removed. So it's like a wedding, something old... the carpenter that built all the homes on this end of town, put this in every home, most women removed them, but I have always enjoyed it. Especially with laundry room beside it.

bottom part is for iron,
hook for shirts-grandsons

ironing board behind the door, first door is spare bathroom, then the
ironing board, behind the next two is laundry room and another stain glass. Gee see my grandsons hoodie is on railing-three more days-will miss him,  but not the clothes...

this stain glass is another piece I had hanging around and had our carpenter build it into the wall
for light.

 this is from the other side of our walk in closet.
well this was long and busy and hope I didn't bore you. About 8 years ago we started to renovate this home, our carpenter worked full time and would work every night on it, and as we got the money, it was two - three years in the making. Everything has been planned and thought out to where it should go, and saying I love this home is an understatement, we both enjoy it so much, me more so. Our carpenter was 46 and got a brain anuerism four months after we moved in and died. One of our biggest shocks.
 The hallway is used all the time, every night I do laundry, iron, go on computer, whatever I can find, thank you for visiting.
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Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome to my tea, come in and have a seat while I get everything ready. I had the pleasure of getting a couple more cups n saucers again Friday evening. Oh mentioning Friday, had a light snow storm, terrific auction for the night with lots of toys, collectibles etc and a couple of cups n saucers. Our little village is 1/2 a mile from the 401 highway, ideal for anyone travelling to Toronto or any other adjoining towns. Roughly at 3:00 their was a 60 car pileup on the 401 at the Newtonville turnoff-our little town. Traffic went by our house from 330 until 12:30 bumper to bumper-what a night. Auction was still good eventhough not many their, as  they couldn't get through the traffic that was stock on the main road. But never worry I did manage to get four cups n saucers. Which I will show one of them today.
my new cup n saucer, don't have many green, in fact I
think I only have one other

love this design, so open a good size too


the green matches the red, giving me a nice pair,
these are still my grocery roses from two weeks ago tomorrow, I've had to pull off some outside leaves, but that isn't a problem, they are in an old cranberry cruet with enamel flowers surrounding it.
the teapot is another new one from Homesense, and I'm going to enjoy a cuppa green tea
and read my Southern Lady. It's storming outside -another snowstorm to be followed with freezing rain and then it's getting mild and will be 11 on Wednesday. Go figure...

no goodies today, had cup cakes last week, then made Banana Loaf and
now have to cut back

thank you for joining me today, I will be joining all the lovely ladies at the sites listed

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Late Night Tea

Congratulations Sandi on your 3rd anniversary. I had planned on using my Old country Roses Tea Mugs that match Sandi's teapot and cup n saucers, but the gold is wearing off, no way for an anniversary get together. I am late getting this arranged so going to use two favouri
te china mugs, they are Staffordshire-David Michael China, great size, Lily of the Valley, I love them. It's 11:30 past, and I love a cup of tea late at night, had my cup cakes, which is bad, now enjoying a pot of Dreamland Tea, it's -17 outside and I'm so cozy on the settee in our bedroom posting my blog.

n: center;">
when we were in England at the afternoon tea, we had a charming white teapot, that I loved the shape of, this one I got at Homesense, and use it all the time. It came with a insert for tea leaves in it, but not needed tonight. This is my old 1957-1960 stove a General Electric, have two ovens with two drawer underneath, sometimes they are a warming oven but mine isn't it. Now not to over use the word Love, but I Love my stove. Had a man come to give me a price years ago on a new countertop and he looked at the stove and said "mam the first thing you have to do is get rid of this old stove", I said to him-do you know how long it took me to find it? No Way. Anyways, back to our tea
Made some miniature cupcakes today, so join me for a cup of tea and cupcake in our bedroom, gee that don't sound proper, let me refrain it-please join me for a cup of dreamland tea upstairs in our sitting room...
these roses I bought a week ago
today at the grocery store for 10.00 dollars, they are still looking great, if I had got them at a florist they would be dead by now.
upstairs in our sitting room -the tray is sitting on my Mackenzie Childs footstool
just added this doilie, seeing if my blog is back to being able to add the pictures through the normal link -and yes I can, so excited about that. This doilie has pink flowers on the outside and one in the centre...
thank you for joining me for tea this evening, it is my pleasure and come again. Be sure and leave a comment,
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Monday, 14 January 2013

Tuesday Tea

What a glorious weekend, the temperature was 14, snow is all gone, gets your hopes up. Now having said that, it has turned cold today, but everyday it stays warm, one less one for spring. I have been spending the last three days going through paperwork, letters, ne wspaper clippings of my MIL's. So was looking forward to sitting down today with another of MIL's two matching cups n saucers that I bought at auction,come in and join me.
tea cups and saucers are Aynsley, my sugar has green and red sparkles (cake decorations) in it to make it Christmasy
aren't the cups n saucers gorgeous?
teapot is Celebration by Royal Albert, tea today is green tea.

the roses are from flower decorations from the funeral, that have dried. Cream n sugar are also MIL's, Royal Winton

 still having trouble with pictures, using the html, but pictures pop around, disappear, takes a long time to get them on, have a lot more, in fact, while I was typing picture disappeared.
Going to try a couple more

their is my pond in the background, all thawed out, fish will be up looking around.
Going to stop while I'm ahead, this has taken over an hour.
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

continued from Monday-Welcome 2013

I might have it figured out to get the pictures on my post, thanks to Sandra. Thank you...
As I mentioned on my last post that we auctioned my MILs china and household goods Friday night.
40 years ago, I would take hubbies younger sister shopping for gifts for her mom, my MIL and my mother, for Mothers day and  we would go to the local china store. I think back then every town had a china shop, that sold Doultons, crystal and cups n saucers -all the good stuff. This one time she got a cup n saucer for her mom and I got a mathing one for mine. Didn't get myself one as we didn't have the money for me to be buying frivolous items in those days. (Had a baby to feed).

Well I bought the cup n saucer at auction the other night that my baby sister in law had bought my mil years ago, and a couple of weeks ago had bought the same one that I had bought my mother. (a lot cheaper than 40 years ago, five dollars now I believe 24.95 -40 years ago).
They are so pretty

I just love them, sitting here staring at the picture.
the first one is jade and naturally the other one is amethyst-Royal Doultons
I had my tea, by myself with the two of them, can't decide which I like the best. To make it even better it was my MILs.

the roses inside are so pretty too, would love a teapot in one of these designs. Not sure they made them -did they???
I'm going

 to have to close as Iam able to get the pictures on, but they are moving around on me, they have disappeared a couple of times, so still have a lot to learn and afraid I'm going to lose it all.
I did make the comment that I was getting off, but I went back on through google chrome and was able to download picture above through the file. Thank you friends for letting me experiment with you...

Before I go though, today hubby did the eulogy at an elderly friend/auction customers funeral (he does this a lot), after funeral we went back to church for tea and these are the dishes at this church-familiar to anyone??

In the town of Bowmanville, there are two United Churches-two blocks apart, they are both gorgeous, one a little more than the other, stained glass windows etc. We have friends in both and they both compete, (little vibes and talks about joining, but will be quite awhile yet). Well they both have these dishes, come on ladies, that is taking competition a little too far, what are the chances that they would both end up with the same??? Will make joining easier though won't it?

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome 2013

Welcome 2013, it has been a great year so far, been off for a couple of weeks as so have a lot of bloggers. Christmas was good, didn't feel great, had got a cold at my brother in laws funeral-Dec. 5th, turned really bad on Christmas eve, that turned out to be the not such a bad thing. My Mother in law passed away Dec. 28th, went to bed and never woke up. Best way to go. So we ended the year with a funeral, with one of the greatest kindest women, she is in heaven for sure with Jesus.
Years ago I had given this poem to her-framed for her wall, I think my father in law, loved it more than anyone, he use to show everyone that came in...

To My Other Mother
You are the other mother I received,
the day I wed your son.
And I just want to thank you, Mom
for the loving things you've done.
You've given me a gracious man,
with whom I share my life.
You are his lovedly mother,
and I his lucky wife.
You used to pat his little head,
and now I hold his hand.
You raised in love a little boy,
and then gave me the man.

I am showing gratitude to this woman for the son she raised. Her name was Meda, not a common name at all anymore, one of her grandsons named his daughter Meda, which is wonderful it will carry on for another 90 years. God bless you Meda...

On Friday evening we had her auction, this was planned before she passed and just carried on. She had a large collection of Royal doultons that she loved and everyone that gave her one was given it back.
Here is a picture of those we received back, then I was fortunate to get some cups n saucers, a couple I had admired for years, what a treasure that I will cherish...

well great, just went to put on my pictures and I can't find them, I go to the link (the little square picture beside link) that I have been using for the past year and it doesn't have a categorie for pictures on my files, just disappeared and I have no clue what to do. It has blog, picasso web, camera, web cam and url. Help, I had chintz on my side pages before and lost them too.
Sorry, wanted to show all my new cups n saucers, and to have a tea

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