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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tea in the Garden-well verandah-close

Got up early this morning and put my tablecloth out to get ready for my tea in the garden. We were going to Toronto first and then I hear we won't be back until four, going to miss my tea. Well we made it by two so I made it, lovely day a little bit of a cool breeze but still nice to be outdoors.
wanted to go yellow so decided on the Royal Winton chintz
set. Have this small breakfast set that matches

Royal Albert cup n saucer

small teapot to the breakfast set

Drank a pot of camomile tea with Daisy,

wonderful afternoon. Daisy lost her leg earlier this year
and was shaved so we keep a sweater on her, for vanity and warmth,
also will have to make sure she doesn't get sunburned.
Happy Tea in the Garden...


  1. That yellow chintz set is incredible! What a treasure as is your precious doggy! Thank you for linking this wonderful tea time!

  2. That is a beautiful set of china! I love your home too.Daisy also looks pretty cute and I am sure she was a lovely companion for tea.

    Welcome to blogging!


  3. I recognize the Royal Winton teaset which yes - Victoria used to sell years ago! It is VERY collectible!

  4. What a lovely tea, Betty!

    And your sweet friend is great companionship when having your tea outdoors.

    LOVE your RW china.

  5. loving your verandah teatime ~ Ty for sharing your lovely setting..
    enjoyed your profile background about the tearooms and renovating your home. glad you've found this outlet to live your dreams !
    frm another tealoving cdn :)

    oh and having a book giveaway til may 8 you just might enjoy....

  6. Hi Betty,
    What a lovely tea out on the verandah! Your chintz china is beautiful, and it's nice to have such cute company. Have a wonderful day.