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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pink Saturday

Sorry, I'm a little late, been working outside in a pond all day, sprung a leak so had to put down a new liner. Surrounding the pond are pink rocks and I have a lot of small pink rocks, so I was saving them. All the time I was moving pink rocks I was thinking about pink Saturday, so appropriate. Will show the pink rocks later when the lillies are blooming. For now seeing I'm so late, I will show my shoes again and a small case I got for a birthday gift.

I know I showed two pair of these shoes, on Thursday,
so I added two more pair of pink ones, the first
two to the right are new with the purses, larger purse
is from Avon, the pink shoes with bows got in
Seattle Washington years ago and the other pink ones
are from Zellers.
This is an I-phone cover, that my daughter got
me for my birthday, so pretty, the inside will
hold a couple of credit cards, which is great for
shopping. Get comments on it all the time.

Will be ready for next Pink Saturday. 1959 my parents built a new home and my mother
always liked pink, she did her kitchen cupboards pink with the large silver knobs, it was the prettiest kitchen, even at that time other women would be surprised with the pink. I will never forget it.


  1. I was also late, just posted this morning and this is my first time on Pink Saturday. Like the shoes very much but the I-phone cover really caught my eye, it's just lovely. Hope you got your pond all taken care of. Hugs...Lu

  2. happy pink saturday! it is never too late for pink! xo

  3. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Betty. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue.

    It sounds as if you had a very busy day. Your shoes and purses are so pretty. I think I need a pink purse, too.

    Looking forward to seeing the pink kitchen. I have a girlfriend that has one, too.

  4. Oh that I-phone cover is so pretty! The quilted looking fabric is so girly-like the idea of a place to put cards.