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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tea in the garden

6 months until Christmas!!
Terri is hosting tea in the garden today for Tuesday, I have been looking forward
to this for weeks.
But wouldn't you know when I got up today it was pouring and has been all day,
 so just going to do a little tea. But first
This is a new potting bench that I am working on, it needs to be painted out, table
was a cheaply from an auction that a neighbour makes for work benches and the
heart shelf we couldn't get a bid on at auction. So a follow up soon.
My garden is getting ready for tea, hostas are doing great... So before we have our
 tea, lets do a little walk around..
New flower bed

I think this is a Japanese lilac, does that sound right, have two one isn't doing as
well as the other.
Another huge hosta that is taking over, grows daily
Climbing hydrangea doing amazing well ( hope that is the correct name too)
Before I get in to the tea here is my daughters dog, spying a frog, have to watch
her because she jumps in

We will have to sit on the deck as it started to pour again.
Come in and sit down, want to show you a new set I got at auction on
Friday evening
This set is so pretty and fragile, just love the delicacy of the roses.

 it is just so pretty, one customer said it was a coco set, but I don't think so

My first rose

Isn't it exquisite, water drops on the petals, oh my...
Now enough of playing around, time for the tea, seeing we are having it in the
garden-sort of, going to use my Royal Winton teapot of the cottage in a garden.
 Isn't this teapot so charming? can't you just imagine staying there,
enjoying a cup of tea at the pond
 who can resist fresh strawberries at this time of year, this little dish is
by Royal Standard and its the Rose of Sharon. Cheated with splenda on
the berries.

the other dish is Royal Albert "old country roses"

isn't this paragon tea cup pretty a soft blush pink with an yellow and pink
rose on the inside of the cup.

 the other tea cup is a Shelley-you can never go wrong with Shelley, they
seem to match everything. I love sipping tea from the lip of the cup, fits so

the screen in the background I got a couple of weeks ago, yes you guessed
it-at the auction. The week before this came up we had a wicker screen, and
I forgot to leave a bid on it, then this one came up and forgot to bid again,
but no one bought it so I got it next to nothing. Can't understand people,
it is so pretty, but then I guess that everyone doesn't need a tea backdrop.
Go figure, they dont know what they are missing. I hope to paint the wood
white and will be using this for my garden teas.

Thank you for joining me today and come back next Tuesday, hopefully
their won't be any rain.
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It's a Turquoise Kind of Day..

When we went to Ireland we were told if it was raining too wait five minutes and it would change to sunny, well that's how our weather has been this last little while. Sunday and Monday were off and on with the sun, so we are going to have our tea inside today ( was actually yesterday, I'm late)
So come in pull up a comfy chair and hope you enjoy...

You can have your choice on cup n' saucer, the fluted dish got at auction years ago, came from a gorgeous home of beautiful glass, china and furniture. The stand came with it, although I don't think they are proper, but I leave them as they were.

You have a choice of Begonia by Shelley, has a little creamer to match it. Shelley is always so feminine to use.
The two turquoise to the right are new, they are both royal Albert and loving the first right one it is

OH NO !!!!
Didnt lock the leaf in on the tea wagon. I know better.....
Oh we'll cant cry over spilt milk, although I feel like it, so disappointing, could always be worse though
This one is called Marguerite and it is very delicate too.
Lets do a little walk around while we are waiting for out tea to brew, below is a gone with the wind lamp. Turquoise outline fading out, very pretty.

Another Gone. With the Wind, biscuit container to the left came from same place as fluted dish and stand, the candle light to the right is party lite.

Birks boxes are turquoise, got these a couple of weeks ago going to use the sterling pieces for butter pattys.

This is such a lovely rose bowl hand painted by Joseline Lindstrom.
 come and have a seat, going to have calamine tea today so relaxing on such a dreary turquoise day.

below is a new umbrella my daughter gave me for mothers day, had a yellow one, and a peachy colour chair covers, now going a different route with colours. Although, Iam not repainting these chairs over again. The cushions came into the auction by themselves, so worked great on the chairs-except for colour, but I can live with it.
Even my outdoor placemats are turquoise this year, which I will show at a later date.

this is anew patio I got this year in time for our sons wedding, we live outside and this is a room that is well used.

Hard to tell here but the feeders and the stand (which is to be a train overpass-cement train below which that I will show again too) are full of goldfinches. Even my cast bird is turquoise.
A turquoise day I think is one up from a blue day.
Thank you for visiting me today, used my ipad again and for some reason won't let me get to the bottom of the page to do my links.
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