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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ireland/England teas

Home from our amazing trip, visited 5 different family members, B&B, travelled from one en of Ireland, and England same, so enjoyed it. Our third time and we will be back...
Disappointed with the tea rooms, I guess you would say they are all commercialized, our tea blogs are better. But then having said that- I loved them. Below our first tea room

this was in Kinsale, Ireland, Garden Gift Shop and Tea Room, so excited-closed until the Friday, we were flying to England on the Thursday...
Friday at Ripon England
called Chimes

it was delicious, a scone, with clotted cream and jam

below tea with a cousin who I had met online,
china cups n saucers, delicious treats and great family
in Walton-upon-Trent
a perfect tea, day all around

Oatland Park Hotel, in Weybridge, Surrey, England
drapes were out of this world, the whole place is amazing,
we stopped in to have a cup of tea, while we were waiting to meet
another cousin
we were too early for high tea, but this tea
was grand, cream of asparagus soup and
tea, I loved these teapots and was going to
try and find them-I know not flowerey,
but their was something about them, that I liked.
I guess the shape

Frank saying grace,

following this, we had a beautiful tea and cookies with
another online cousin, but no pictures, Earl Grey tea leaves in Royal Albert teacups.
From here we headed to Bath looking for Sally Lunn tea room. Sally Lunn is mentioned in the Great Tea Rooms of Britain by Bruce Richardson, which I had read from one end to another. We passed the Tollgate tea room that I have featured before and we were there, four years ago.
We arrived in Bath, parked our car and went on a big walk, found the tea room
very charming, packed, you had to wait to get in, and very old

guess what? forgot to take a picture of my scones, jam and cream. Frank had soup and the Sally Lunn famous bun, followed by pie and ice cream. Our tea was Earl Grey tea leaves, it was delicious, but not what I was expecting. Tea pots were stainless and realize with the crowd they have, they have to go that way...

what a gorgeous city Bath is.

when we got back to our car, we had a 25 pound fine on the window, that was
an expensive cup of tea...
On to Marlborough, another tea room suggested by Bruce Richardson...
to the Polly Tea Rooms
teapot on a shelf

Frank had a plate of ham and different cheeses, looked great and he said it was

I naturally had a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, it also was good,

the atmosphere was relaxing, didn't feel like we had to move along. All around the room, their was teapots, and different china pieces...

this is the end of our tea room excursions. Have to thank Frank, he drove me around and sampled all the teas and desserts with me, but then he likes to eat like I do.
Need to get home and stop eating these scones-back to the Atkins.
Going to finish up with my last tea in the garden,  today was a glorious day,
sun shining, leaves are breathtaking, so glad they hadn't all fallen off before we got home from England, join me for a cuppa
such a pretty delicate tea cup n saucer, with the white rose inside

a Paragon, beige color, which Iam not fond of, but do like this one,
below is a Royal Albert Teapot, I got a couple of months ago, I have shown it before

no more scones for awhile

this teacup I also love, soft pink, no roses, but dainty and elegant.
I love them all

I did buy a couple of tea cozys while in Ireland,
keeping my green tea, nice and hot

so pretty, you can see the white rose, through the tea.
below is my Japanese maple, such a pretty colour

Finally finished, thank you for travelling along with us through, Ireland and England, I do have to go back and take in the other tea rooms, or maybe we should to the Great Tea Rooms of America, it would be cheaper...
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Leaving tomorrow for Ireland and England so not sure how I will get along with the ipad, so thought I better get on before I get away and not able to do any posting. So I'm going to be early with Thanksgiving and late for Sandi, but then being late, means I'm going to be early, next week- but I'm going to do both. So first I'm going to join Sandi with What's in your Cabinet
first this is for Sandi, have the same one and I do love it...

shouldn't have turned on the light, but you get the idea. This cabinet came from my grandmother, I use it for my Chapel Hill china, but seeing it is on the table have a silver china tea set. This cabinet is to only be white/turquoise/blue and silver. Alot of Shelley - its blue with pink flowers but blue is the main trim.

haven't used this teapot yet, will in coming weeks.

this is the cabinet with my dining room suite,
two shelves are pinks -Serena, Royal Winton on second shelf with more Serena...

the Serean, it is so pretty

Royal Winton, pieces, odd Shelley, pinks...

Top shelf is blue, Shelley pieces

Red china-Royal Winton
Another pink/red cabinet -red transferware mostly here

Some new pieces but mostly old, their is a couple of more cabinets that
I will show another time...

Now for Thanksgiving, below my turkey teapot, came from the Cracker Barrel about 8-9 years ago, also a soup tureen, that I haven't gotten out.

As I mentioned above we leave for holidays tomorrow night, having an auction first and then flying out later. My grandson has been begging for an apple pie, so I did some baking today, three pies-one for my parents, one for daughter and husband and ....
Here is one of the pies

and here is the other two, isn't this top one cute. I did it in a aluminum pie plate, picked it up and pie palte folded-so Frank is eating this one today and tomorrow before we leave. Have to say that's the first time I have ever done that, and hope it is the last. I have never used the tin pie plate and never will again...

my pink rose cookie jar, for Pink Saturday, which I will be joining tomorrow, also, October is breast cancer month, the pink is for all the women and men suffering from breast cancer...

                          this is my Thanksgiving tea, the pie still tasted good, so I'm told

Royal Albert, Canadian cup n saucer, with provincial flowers

another Canadian/American  England is stamped in it

to commemorate the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1952
so again Happy Thanksgiving Canadian bloggers, God bless

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