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Monday, 19 November 2012

Pembroke Tea at the Victorian Rose Tea Room

Wow, I thought it was a couple of weeks that I had last posted but I think I saw my last one was October 22nd, a month? I can't believe it. My mother in law has been in the hospital and every
spare moment we have had, has been with her, Wednesday she is going to a nursing home, new experience, she is okay with it.
On the weekend we spent our time in Pembroke Ontario, north of Ottawa -our grandson was playing in a silver stick tournament. Last time there, was two years ago, saw a tea room there then, but no
 one would go with me and ran out of time, but this time-I made it, and it was wonderful, beyond.
I was so excited, it is called Victoria Rose Tea Room and Fine Dining, Brenda was the owners name and she was so charming, this was a real tea room...
white table cloths, with white squares on top, all the tables are set up
with cups n saucers, forks, napkins

an old cabinet, two different stories with it, one it was from a ship and the
other out of a store. Samovar on top

this is what was so exciting-is that the right word, I was excited to see it, Frank not so much, now if it was full of old b/a gas memorabilia he would be

such a cute idea for these tea cups

this is the upstairs room, wouldn't want to be serving people here

the picture on the wall is Mr. Munro, the owner of the  building, and I'm pretty sure he built it too,
the door behind the settee leads to the vault

our teapot

a little vignette

another in the hallway, leading to the washrooms

we started with delicious carrot soup, then this is the Lady Carlisle tea

speaking of Lady Carlisle, love them, they are so pretty

little blurry and I didn't get the name on the bottom

the backpiece is a candleabra-tea oriented naturally

view of the downstairs area, plates all around the top

standing back looking at the upstairs and downsrairs area

the outside view of the building. loved, loved the tea room, it was a pleasure to
visit, so if you're in Pembroke be sure to stop and see Brenda, you won't be disappointed.
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