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Monday, 8 July 2013

A Tea of Roses

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
                      ...Romeo and Juliet

Welcome to my tea, it's a scorcher today, humidity is high, but come along and
join me and we will sit under the umbrella and sweat together....
Above rose is from my garden, not doing too great, but still so pretty. Nothing
like the roses you fellow bloggers show though.

 that is my small rose garden in the background

These roses are lovely, got them at the grocery store, pink in the package but they
 have a Rosie Coral shade to them.

Decided to use my new teapot with the roses.

I love it so much, I had showed it maybe three weeks ago and couldn't find a cup
and saucer that I knew would match. I had looked and looked but couldn't see it anywhere. It was in front of me all the time, the outside of the cup doesn't have
 any roses on it, just on the inside- duhhhh.

Now then I didn't take a picture of the side, that's another duhhhh, but it is plain,
still pretty though. Isn't it lovely with all the roses inside?

The other cup, you would remember from a couple of weeks ago, it is an Aynsley
and so pretty with the five flowers inside. Not sure which I like the best.

I won't show the bottom of this as that's a repeat, then last week I got a new
Shelley, that matches allof them. Shelley's so lovely isn't it?
Dainty, the white around the lip isn't  chips, just a little wear.
And of course the bottom. Love, love Shelley...
just noticed the little blue flowers beside the roses-forget me nots? if you
notice the teapot has the same, will have to get them out and check this
closer. The teapot is a Woods.

Oh here's the side of the plain one, with a fine gold line around.

 ignore the weeds along the wall please, will get it done tonight when the heat
Here's a couple of macaroons to enjoy. Tea was lovely and hot thank you for
joining me today, will just clean up now and take the china inside

 See the teapot with the little blue flowers too, never noticed it before now, it's
a good thing I got it out again.
I have to be honest though and say I cheated and had a fresca, will have my tea
this evening, suppose to rain again, so maybe it will break this heat or
maybe not...

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