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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Our Tea Cozie Cottage-Show and Tell Friday

In 2005, I was going to open a tea room in a rental property that we owned. Our daughter and her family had rented it for five years and had bought their own place in a neighbouring town and it was sitting empty. The property surrounding the home was our parking lot for our auctions. We are now in our 40th year of auctions-that is another interesting story-the auction centre is a retro B/A garage put back to 1957. That's for another time. Back to the Tea Room, we got the bright idea to restore the house and downsize and move out of the house we were in at this time. It was a five bedroom very comfortable charming home. So their goes my tea room, I had china cabinets bought to paint white, chairs, tables and china and cups and saucers. It was a wonderful dream, now Iam doing it through blogging. Going to share our Tea Cozie Cottage-that was to be the name of my Tea Room-never know maybe someday...
This was an Ontario cottage, dating back to the late 1800's, very small, the brick at the front of the house is different from the sides. The brick came from a neighbouring town from a big fire that wiped out many places. The original school house was on this property to the left of the house and moved back when the house was built. The School house is still here, used as an empty garage.
You can see hear the different coloured brick, very unique, we tore off the back room, took off the roof and restored from the bottom up. All the brick was removed and put back on as the walls of brick were just falling away.
So exciting and a little nutty, this was next door to the auction centre and it was sure discussed at length, that we were nuts
This is our new home and we do love it.
It is so charming, and comfortable and we are honoured to lived in it. I do thank God every day for this privilege, above you can see our pond and a corner of the school house.

This is my Romantic Home. Thank you for stopping by, I am sharing this with Cindy at   romantichome.blogspot.ca


  1. OMG!!
    Your home is totally amazing!! I love it! Just my style!!
    I love your blog and signed up to follow!!
    Will be back to visit more when I have more time as i am working tonight....


  2. Do not give up your dream. One day you will have that Tea Room. My sister and I go to one each Saturday. We enjoy eating at them.

  3. Wat a beautiful home you live in. I enjoyed reading your post about your home and tea room. You sound like me and the dream of a tea room. At my little farm cottage I have everything for a tea room and do give teas for family and friends. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your home. I could move right in! A dear friend and I wanted to do a tea room in Texas several years ago. It was a beautiful dream. Always wanted to have one. I am certainly going to enjoy your blog tea room though here:) So glad you have joined the internet world. It really is a delightful place with many wonderful people. I too am a pretty new blogger of just 6 months. Thankyou Betty for commenting on my Pink and black post. It was just a delight to hear from you. And I'm so glad that I have now found you. I am now following you! And look forward to having tea with you often. Love your Royal Albert pattern and sitting by the trellis. So lovely.

    With Warm Regards,


    PS I see you have word verification. I was advised early in the game to get rid of it as it keeps alot of folks from commenting. And it sure was true. It was good advice. Glad someone told me so thought I'd share that with you too.

  5. The addition you put on your home is amazing and has turned a quaint little cottage into a beautiful, romantic home. I am envious of the verandah on the two levels at the back.
    I think there must be quite a few of us that would love to have a tea room, count me in too! Too bad a few of us don't live closer and could recognize the dream together. My friend and I once had tea at a Ukrainian tea room in Toronto - owned and run by a group of women which provided a place for their culture to meet.
    Maybe one day for us?

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