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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tea in the Garden/pink saturday

I have a difficult time always, joining Pink Saturday, as Friday is our auction, we open for
 preview at 2:00p.m. To join Pink Friday it is 3:00 p.m. or sometimes I have done it at 11:00
p.m. So I try to have it ready, I sneak home from the auction and set it up. That is what I am
doing tonight or I guess it's morning already, good thing I stay up late.
Went shopping tonight to get supplies for the auction and it is crazy in the stores, everyone
stocking up for Canada Day, I couldn't resist these flowers and gee their pink. Their was a lot
of red and white flower baskets, but really don't need them, always need flowers for inside
 though. Going to join this with the Tea in the Garden-hope you enjoy

the vase is cranberry but looking brownish here, it's very pretty has a ruffled edge, mocking a pitcher, but not really. The book under it is Loyal She Remains, great book,

Our Canada Day will be spent at home (our church has closed for the month for holidays) relaxing and then that evening we have Music Night in the Park. The park joins our property and we started this six years ago, very successful, so it will be a happy village celebration. Everyone brings their lawnchairs and enjoy the evening.
Happy Canada Day !!!!

Stick around and enjoy my tea in the garden...

Been a busy week, but I am managing to do two blogs. My mother is in the hospital with her
heart beating to fast, they are working on getting it levelled out, but then it will go out of whack again. So I go twice a day and things at home are getting left, my weeding is behind. Which you will notice in the picture,  when I do the tea.
Welcome to my garden, I am having my tea out beside my pond.. Pond is still greeen, have had
pump issues, -always something.
I went out to get a rose and my roses are gone, from the wind during the last three days, so disappointed, three littles one left but that's it.
I feel like  Chai tea today, I do love the smell of it,

Come and join me (that's Sasha keeping watch on the tea)
I didn't notice that the flowers had separated, not having luck even with the silk ones

the vase is a fancy end of day glass, probably one of the first things I bought 40 years ago, so if it wasn't old then it sure is now. The table cloth I bought off ebay last week, very pretty with roses.

My cup n' saucer is a shelley with roses, Shelley is great to drink from, the scallops fit your
mouth just perfect. Again I am having cheese and grapes. I got home from the hospital and
haven't had anything to eat, so my lunch and my tea.

The teapot below I bought at Bowrings, the tray that I used on the weekend matches, but I couldn't find it today, searched and searched. Then I remembered this evening that I had made my daughter in law strawberry shortcakes for a ladies evening she was having and carried them over on my tray. The joys of getting old...
My setting again, with my messy flowers, had no idea.
Isn't the table cloth pretty though?

My pink rocks and the pink roses stepping stones
Below the lillies in bloom

Thank you for joining me for tea today, I will be joining

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome to my Tuesday Tea Time, although it was the Thursday evening. I was having a
jewellery demo at my house, and saw Sandi's strawberry shortcakes in the jar, thought of doing
that, but don't have any small jars or sealers (we don't take them at the auction anymore), I was
going to have to go out and buy the jars, which didn't make sense so had some small white bowls
that I used. They are great for women in the evening, they don't like to eat big. Here is a picture
of the strawberry shortcakes.

they were a big hit and only one left over for hubby, also had strawberries with the white
chocolate and mascarpone,

and my usual cupcakes, tried to do roses on them, but it was so hot that day, that I ran out of

A couple of weeks ago we sold a cloche like this one and for some reason I wasn't thinking
didn't buy it, then I get this one off amazon-duh go figure, cheaper at the auction.
 It is wonderful
goes right over the three tier serving plates.

It was so hot that I serverd ice tea, in these pretty pink stemmed glasses, the tea was in a large decanter with a spout, and the ice goes in the bottom, due to the heat had ice in the top and
lemons. Everyone enjoyed it, was to busy serving to get a picture.

the glasses above are on a pretty new tray that I got at Bowrings, along with a two plate
 plates and a teapot. I will show them at a later date.

That night after everyone went home and it had cooled down, we had our nightly tea, this
is my everyday teapot that we do use every evening and the Beatrix pottery china teacups
that I thought I mentioned last week, (but didn't)   
NO TREATS at all --it was a day of icing, cake mixes, strawberries, whipped cream, angel
cake, white chocolate, mascarpone,  (not to mention that I had made mini banana loaves
 honey butter) all this adds up to five pounds...
I thought I had written about these china mugs, their are four of them, each one represents
the seasons, I have had them for over 25 years and they are one of my favorites, they are
 different colours, are made by Royal Doulton, Brambly Hedge-summer, winter, fall, spring.
 My sister-in-law gave me the four and I bought the same for her, also have a cup and

Thank you for visiting,
I am sharing with Sandi Tea Time Tuesday
and Martha Tea Cup Tuesday

Monday, 18 June 2012

Midnight Summer Tea

Welcome to my Midnight summer savour tea, I am joining Sandi, Martha & Terri. But I'm going to be good and stay away from Sandi's goodies, and have some grapes and cheese. Also, it's past midnight and that means it's about three at Sandi's she should be fast asleep. This little set is an ideal midnight size. I am having it on an oval marble table in our room. Frogs are croaking, fan is running lightly, doors are all open, one of those beautiful nights-God is good...

I'am using a chintz smaller tea set. The table cloth I will show at a later date, each corner has a different colour of embroidery work, very pretty. Also, in picture above is a double side salt and pepper shaker, that matches the teapot, creamer and tiny tea cup.

I do love chintz, this teapot is Lord Nelson, my rose is Abraham Darby, I think Old fashioned?, old something, I was asked a couple of weeks ago what it was, and I have checked and by the time I get inside and get the computer started I forget.

My Romantic Home magazine is last months, I still haven't found one for this month and have missed the article on Sandi, I can't believe it. Our local store got a new owner and he cancelled the magazine order for the day that I believe it came in, have been all over and can't find one. Unless, we are really behind in Ontario and it's coming out this week. I can only hope.

I had mentioned above the set is Lord Nelson Ware and the pattern is "Rose Time"

 The tea is spice Chai, i just love the smell, now I must say, this little cup is very hard to drink from. I see Martha at Martha's favorites had the same set only full size and I wonder how it was. The lip turns in, very uncomfortable and hard not to drip.
 the little dish is Royal Albert and no pattern name on it. I use it for earrings, and bracelets.

the tray is just a cheap plastic one I bought for summer time, but it has been ideal for my teas alone, I don't have a lot to carry and it is pretty with the roses.
the chintz dish is by Royal Winton and the pattern is "Sunshine"
well it's getting bed time and also getting hot, we are in for some hot weather in the next couple of days, so might be into the ice tea. Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a cup of tea, I did manage to get 5 very small cups out of the tiny teapot and I do love the daintiness of it... Stop by again, and I so look forward to any comments
I'am joining Sandi's savoury summer tea
martha at  Tea Cup Tuesday

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tea Time Tuesday

I am joining Sandi, Martha and Terri today for Tea time Tuesday and Bernideen for Tea in the Garden...
Having a wonderful tea with my new china -Serena, (read the following blog to get the story of the Serena) on my deck with my brass tea wagon, sun is shining, wrens are singing, hummingbird is humming-God is Good!!
Just getting set  up, using the two different cups and saucers, the one with the flowers on the outside is the new one. My sweet was suggest by Sandi a couple of weeks ago, have made them twice and don't plan to, for awhile. I can't stay out of them. They are a no cook, little peanut butter and chocolate goodie. I put them in mini cupcake tin, worked out great, worked out great, little finicky? (not sure on the spelling for that word - or even if it is a word).

My new teapot, isn't it pretty?
I have a peonie in the creamer as we both take our tea black

these are the two cups n saucers up close, both are different even the saucer is a little bigger in the newer pieces to the left. Throughout the years I have bought quite a few cups n saucers at auctions and they have always been like the first version with roses inside the cup. I read on one of the bloggers blog (I think Martha) that she liked the roses inside as they are there for you to look at when you are drinking your tea.

Couldn't wait on hubby to show, had to have my tea without him and the sweet.
Thank you for sharing my Tuesday Tea with me today. Loving my new Teapot. I mentioned in the following story that Donna had picked up my china in  Halifax  is returning home today to Port Maitland and Iam hoping that she will be joining us blogging. I really hope she opens a real Tea Room, she has the perfect place for it.

Iam sharing with Sandi@rose chintz cottage

Please be sure to read the following story-Happy Tuesday Tea Time....

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Serena with Tea Time Thursday & Pink Saturday

I am joining Miss Spensers Tea Cup Thursday and Pink Saturday.
On Mother's Day I showed a set of dishes that I had gotten from my daughter, who didn't want them anymore. She has no where to display them, or desire to use them, so she gave them to me. The pattern is "Serena" by Royal Albert. She had 8 place settings and every accessory piece you could think of, in fact four sets of cream and sugars. But no teapot. So I went on a search, found some that had sold in Africa for thousands, that was a little farfetched. But couldn't find anything anywhere. Replacements had a small one with no lid. Finally, on kiiji there was one. It was a late notice but I quickly emailed and she got back to me a couple of days later that -yes she still had it. Told her I wanted it and would pick it up-she was outside Halifax Nova Scotia, little longer than a drive for me from Ontario. Great for Salli though in PEI. Well to make this long story a little shorter, have a friend Donna who lives in Port Maitland near Yarmouth Nova Scotia, and was coming to Ontario for a birthday party and she said she would love to pick up the dishes for me. Wonderful, so I got 8 more place settings , platter, teapot, another different cream and sugar, and gravy boat and tray for 150.00-so excited-she delivered them safe and sound Tuesday morning and have it set up. Thank you Donna... Now with my daughters set she had soup cups with the two handles and a saucer, so elegant. With the new set, their is normal big bowls and small fruit bowls. Enough-must show you...
here is the set that I had before with the teapot and the new cream and sugar added. My napkins are shaped like a rose placed in the soup cup.
My pink satin glass rose bowls, behind the teapot with a peony, such a wonderful time of the year, with roses and peonies, problem is they don't last long.

So, pretty, this cream and sugar is completely different than the other four. The new teacups are different than the older ones. The new one on the right with the roses on the outside and also a different shape and the saucer is a little larger, just a fraction...

                 Below is the new cream and sugar, it has a lid for the sugar, below it are the others...

The set above has an oval shape to the two pieces, but looking here, the sugar doesn't have the flowers on the outside, so maynot be the match. Below is another set, round and smaller

This set is very tiny and dainty

                            This little creamer is even smaller, the sugar got broken in transport.
this is the new set with the gravy boat and the saucer in the front

Now I just need to have a party or a tea to use them all...

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure, it was pretty exciting, especially the hunt for the teapot, and then all the other pieces thrown in. Have a great tea time Thursday and a beautiful Pink Saturday....

I am joining Miss Spensers Tea Thursday at missspensersblog.blogspot.ca 

Congratulations to Sandi at sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.ca for being featured in Romantic Homes-so deserving...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rednesday & Home & Garden Thursday

Iam joining with It's a Cherry World -Rednesday today, and with Home & Garden Thursday.
This is a picture of our garage or red barn, it was the 2nd school house in our little village of Newtonville. It was old pine boards and falling apart and we had it sided, took off the pine boards and a neighbour took the pine-duh how stupid we are. Or a great neighbour... No one knows where the first school house was in the village, so I could get away with saying it's the first, no one around now to question me. But better go with the second. Their is an old school bell on top, not the original one.
The back part of our yard is used for a parking lot for the auction-hence the stop sign.

My hummingbird feeder -almost don't see him -to the right
and below, just to show you the whole feeder and he is their (or she is), just the little head showing at the left side of the feeder.

this is a little decorative feeder my daughter gave me three years ago. It is very tiny and so cute. Last year a family of birds settle in -one of the prettiest singers and turned out to be wrens. We spent our days listening and watching. Their was never any mess under the birdhouse, we have a chair sitting below it and you are safe sitting their. While the bird (I assume the female-we all know that women do all the work) the male is sitting over on another bird house (on my blue ladder), and he sits on guard and sings I think warning her, that it is safe to go in or come out. The other day their was a bluejay sitting down below and their wasn't a peep out of any of the birds. The wren is leaving here with something in her mouth??? She did this twice in a row?? any idea. My hummingbird continually goes to the red ball on top and on the bottom looking for food.

Here is the male ? sitting on the little log home, singing away...
not very good, but you can see the little dot
Here are the goldfinches feeding away,
Our weather vane? I just drew a blank on what to call it. You can sit and watch it go around for hours. Their is a little bird riding it.

Hope you enjoyed my red items for Rednesday joining Sue at suelovescherries.blogspot.ca
and joining Home and Garden Thursday at blissfulrhythm.blogspot.ca