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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dreary Day Tea/Simple Elegance

Spring is here or it was yesterday, lovely day, a little too windy, but Mr. Sun was shining away. I didn't want to come in last night- didn't want it to end. Then this morning get up and raining and dull and just plain dreary- time to have a cup of tea, that lifts the spirits
But then to decide which cups, decided to use a new Aynsley I got a couple of weeks ago at auction. It's a colour that I rally don't have a lot of and I have another similar - so that's what we will have today.
This brass teawagon I have got so much use out of, i bought-it for outside teas but have had it inside all winter and it use it continually. The flower pot is an older fiesta ( now I'm doubting myself on it), have had for years, flowers are left from our anniversary bouquet, the end of the celebration. So now having said that I'm going to use my celebration teapot by Royal Albert so the celebration isn't ended. The lighter tea cup is the new one, very plain-but quite elegant, need a little elegance in this dreary day. No cake here like what is over at Sandi's cottage, just cheese.
Looking out the window doesn't look too bad, but it was and don't look too close, lots of work to be done.

Both cups n saucers are Aynsley, no roses or embellishments but one teacup has a leafy design.

What would you call these colours? Coral and an almost rusty with gold trim.
Trivet is Noritake one of my go toos...
Tea today is simple Red Rose, maybe I should change the name to "Simple Elegance".
Thank you for joining me for tea today, this afternoon, the rain stopped and these started to shine - turned out to be a gorgeous day.
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  1. Beautiful teacups and saucers. I see that Celebration teapot too!

  2. I think I would call them coral and pumpkin spice! They are beautiful vintage cups!
    I am sorry your weather is still unpleasant. I hope it changes for you soon.

  3. A beautiful tea today! Love your vintage teacup, the colors so beautiful. It is like winter outside where I live. We really need some warm weater to come our way to melt our snow. Maybe next week!

  4. Oh, how lovely! I dont think I have any Aynsley cups. Enjoy your teatime :)

  5. Beautiful Aynsleys. Their colors are so strong and rich that they belong together.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  6. Good morning Betty,
    It is a beautiful sunny day here and and a nice 7 degrees. After all the lousy weather we've had, it is simply delightful!
    Your Aynsley teacups are both gorgeous! I love the peachy and coral colours of them! The gold trim on them makes them tres elegant. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea. Hope you have a lovely day.


  7. Love those colors! I would love to sip tea from those gorgeous teacups.

  8. Beautiful teacups! Love them. I have an Aynsley teacup that is the rust color as well.