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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Pink Saturday

Welcome to my Pink Saturday, that I am sharing with Beverley at How Sweet The Sound. Seeing the weather is so great, going to stay outside.
When we restored our new house six years ago, we dug out a new basement and two of the walls existing in the old basement, was large boulders poured in cement. Their is a name for that, but slipped my mind right now. We had this huge mountain of rocks and I knew I was going to have a pond at this new place (I had, had three ponds at our old place-we moved across the street). Majority of the rocks are pink, I just love them. Had one large pink boulder from our old house and a friend dropped off two more boulders, one pink and one grey that you can see streaks of pink in.
these pictures really don't do the pink boulders justice, but they are beautiful, especially when the sun shines on them. The first one to the right came out of the ground when we dug a well at our old place 40 years ago, (our son bought our old place and moved the rock over for me), ignore the green water please it will clear-I need a green Saturday.  Too warm to fast, once the plants grow will balance out. The grey boulder to the left has streaks of pink...
Majority of the rocks are pink,

At one side of the pond is a sitting area with all small pink rocks, the rose stepping stones are pink and the bench is pink, very very pretty when the pink water lilies come out and hyrdrangeas.
Their is a big mountain of more rocks to the left of this picture above. I hope you enjoyed this, nothing like a pond to sit and reflect. I thank God everyday I sit out beside it, for being so lucky to have this gift...
Iam sharing Happy Birthday Pink Saturday with Beverley howsweetthesound.typepad.com


  1. Suc pretty rocks and it's nice they are memory rocks as well. Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog.

  2. Wow that is a LOT of work ... but it is soo beautiful and now you have those wonderful boulders.
    Happy Pink Saturday (())

  3. Won't it be beautiful when it is all finished! Be sure and show us!
    ♥ Jil

  4. How nice this is going to be.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    oops, did you know you have the dreaded word verification ON.? :)

  5. What a beautiful tribute for Pink Saturday's birthday!

    I am a little late for my PS round but I wouldn't want to miss it. Here's my My PINK
    Have a blessed Sunday!

    I am now your blog's follower.