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Monday, 21 May 2012

Tea Time Tuesday #5

Happy Victoria Weekend, everyone!!!
My tea today is a mixture of tea time and tea in the garden. Our weather today was glorious, the whole weekend has been. We have been living outside, slipped in today to make some scones and right back out.  My hands and fingers are aching from pulling weeds and planting, that I didn't get too fancy, just a little. Hope you enjoy it...

the scones were delicious, with honey butter, clotted cream
and strawberry jam.

The two tea cups are Shelley, and the little sugar bowl matches
it's holding the jam. The honey butter is in a little blue hobnail dish.
Knife is a mother of pearl and the spoon is a tea spoon, not sure what it is forgot to check it out. Their is a set all different colours, sort of like enamel and like mother of pearl.

plates are Limoge, I just loved them, and use them quite often.
My husband Frank joined me for the tea.

the teapot is a Royal Winton, cottage and pink, was
going to use in for a Pink Saturday,

Hope you enjoy my teapot and cup n saucers, Shelley is so delicate.

Iam sharing my Tea Time with Sandi at sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.ca
and Tuesday Cuppa Tea


  1. Very lovely china! Your teapot is so beautiful! I love it!

  2. Hi you visited me and so I'm visiting you back. I just love your Limoges plates....lovely and I just love scones. Thanks I'll have just a little milk and no sugar in my tea! ! Best wishes. Joan

  3. How nice that you visited! Nice to meet you! Love you Shelley & RW yeapot! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Gotta see how I follow or link with you!

  4. A very lovely tea -- those scones look delicious and I adore scone with cream and jam!

  5. Good afternoon Betty,
    What a sweet teapot; love it! I LOVE anything cottagey! The Shelley teacup of course is lovely as all Shelley teacups are! How nice that you have the matching sugar bowl. Your scones look delicious and I like them with cream and jam too. I so enjoyed your tea! Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy your day.