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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Late Tuesday Tea

Welcome to my Late Tuesday tea, had my tea Sunday afternoon and almost forgot to post it. I am still cleaning up and getting over last weeks tea. Had tables koto return to the auction centre and they were heavy so needed grandsons to carry . Twenty teacups to put away, all the tablecloths and napkins to wash, three tiered plates, cloches, not to mention food. Food got shared a round the countryside and what couldn't be kept got thrown out. So here we are - Sunday afternoon a nice sunny day - hubbies gone to a hockey game and I'm going to enjoy a cuppa all alone.

Fireplace is on and it's so cozy, reading an English home magazine about Virginia Wolfe and the different colours that she painted her house.

Enjoying raspberry cream earl grey tea, I shared this tea a couple of weeks ago. So refreshing.


My roses are wilting, but still so pretty, some days I wilt too. Especially after this large tea, I was wilted for days.

This is a complete tea set for six, cream n sugar, just missing the teapot. Love this set, the tea cups at a great size and I use it for my daily tea.

Having a great of strawberries and mascarpone cheese and white chocolate, along with my all time favourite marble cheese.




Thank you for visiting with me today.

Before I close out I want to share an child's wing back chair that I painted in Emperors silk chalk paint by Annie Sloan. Four grandsons have enjoyed this chair and it was getting pretty grubby.


Looks great doesn't it??

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  1. Hello Betty,
    It sounds like you have been super busy! You deserve this cuppa tea while hubby is out : )
    Your trio is really lovely. I can see why you favor it. I also love your table covering too! My roses for Valentine's Day wilted just like yours. But I do think there is beauty there too!

  2. Ooops, I meant to remark about your chair! lol! I think it looks fab! How does the paint feel on fabric? I can't imagine. What a lovely way to freshen up. Did you seal it with the wax? I have no idea...

  3. Good morning Betty,
    What a pretty tea set and I love your teapot! Your tea snack looks delicious and just right for a light refreshment. I too like your chair. I never thought about painting furniture but it looks like it works well. Thank you for coming to tea and have a lovely day.


  4. Your dishes - transferware I think - just lovely and a beautiful and unique teapot with the kettle style handle. I have seen a number of blogs where furniture is being painted and that is amazing.

  5. Hi Betty, hope you're well. Could you please advise what the best e-mail is to get you on regarding your blog? Many thanks, Tina.

  6. Your tea, and everything that goes with it, looks divine! (that includes the dishes and setting).