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Monday, 28 October 2013

Tuesday tea

Already Tuesday time again, where does the time go? Halloween in two days-wow. I've been busy painting up a storm with my Annie Sloan chalk paint and Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint. Give you a little peek of one item that I have been working on and messed up.

This is my Canada table that I painted the other day and needed to be distressed, not as easy as it should be, my red is running into the white, like washing clothes.
Well enough of that it's tea time, welcome come in and have a seat, got anew set of dishes for eith at suction the other night and they are gorgeous. Love roses, who doesn't

Aren't they pretty, having tea in our family room. This is an old two drawer table with leaves that I painted. Table cloth my grandmother made when she was a young bride. It was tice as big and she cut it gown, have no idea what she did with the other half, probably through it out, or maybe unwound it and reused it. It is so delicate.

The set is Limoges, not old as it is dishwasher safe, but then we have had a dishwasher all the time we have been married.which is 43 years and I'm old, so I'm told....

When we are waiting for the tea to steep, have a macaroon and check out the new tea time.
This writing is different than the tea cup.

Today has been pretty exciting, I signed my contract to be an Annie Sloan stockist, go for training, November 20, 21st and then will get my paint hopefully the first of December. I am so excited about it.
I am already a Miss MustardSeed Milk Paint retailer, been a lot of work to get here, but something tells me the okra is just beginning.
Thanks for joining me today and come again,...

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Abigail tea room

Wednesday hubby and I headed out to Barrie ontario, he auctions at Barrie auto auction every Thursday morning, so we went a day early, so that he could rest and let me check out stockist for Annie Sloan or miss mustard seed mil paint retailers. Found a miss mustard seed milk paint retailer at the Anchique store, great looking pieces, I think some of them were done by chalk paint. They had Van Gogh cans on the counter. Picked up a lot of stencils to use with my chalk paint that day, then the next we headed toward St. George. We stopped I Cambridge at another mmsmp retailer bought more stencils and some great decorator books, then headed on to Abigail's tea room in St.George, what a great tea room, for anyone in the area, you have to check it out- just gorgeous.

The tea room had been done by a designer maybe David Bailey lives in an unbelievable mansion across the road. Didn't take pictures this time as I had a lot two years ago when we were at a hockey tournament here. The home has been used by Murdoch Mystery.

Wallpaper is yellow with fustian roses, peacocks with purples and pinks and silver. Ceiling is silver tin with chandeliers and birdcages over the chandeliers. Out of this world. This building had nap been a bank of Montreal at one time.

Cod you know I didn't check the rose to see if it's real. Nor did I take pictures of the teacups teapot or the food. But all beautiful, we both had quiche and it was probably 6 inches high, she uses puff pastry she said- it was delicious, frank had a salad with his and it was huge, with blackberrys amazing. Then I had a pumpkin scone with jam and clotted cream two pots of tea and then piggy me had another scone that was lemon and lavender. Again delicious. So if you are close to st. George check it out.
We went to an Annie Sloan stockist store-Painted Out,  bought a book had dinner and headed home to get ready for our thanksgiving. Great weekend
Getting ready for thanksgiving. A year ago this weekend we were in Ireland and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, really missed it. We ate outside of Dublin in a great restaurant, but wasn't the same.

The apple pies are ready, flowers are ready for dining table outside...

On different Occasions I use coloured sugar to suit the holiday, this was orange but looks yellow , so added some pink
This one had purple

Hubby has to try it out to make sure it passes, it does so we can serve it to our family. Plate and cup and saucer is a new tea set I got from the auction. It's royal doulton, I think -will check it out tomorrow. Tea cups are huge great for coffee too. Great for thanksgiving.

Well Sunday proved to be a rainy cold day, so Thanksgiving dinner which is usually outside has to be inside. Table was set up, but wimpy hubby thinks he will be cold. So inside we go.
I always have my dining table set up, so had to take it apart wash all the dishes and then decided to use the Serena, ( have showed them many times) mixed with ? - just went blank , they go so well together. Flowers now don't suit the dining room so found three roses on my bushes. And we are ready to go
My mother bringing in a plate of turkey

And Frank with another one and the cranberries. Great dinner, great family get together.
Very thankful for our family and health.
Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian bloggers and God bless...