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Monday, 25 February 2013

Tea time with Fanny

Welcome to my looking for spring tea, just finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, last week read Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. So my tea today is inspired by Jane Austen's Mansfield Park to the trees, flowers, bird baths, and gardens. When I was deciding what my tea was today was drawn to the Cup n Saucer it just reminded me of Fanny, such a refreshing lovely young lady she was... so our tea today will be with Miss Price.

March is coming up, daffodil month here, so using my yellow teapot.

this cake plate was my mil's,  the long gowns, beautiful flowers, reminded me of Fanny or Elinor?

or maybe Emma, staring that one today, although so far not so elegant or rich of a
a life, but I'm sure it will change. All the gardens sound so beautiful.
this is teacup and saucer I got at auction about three months ago, such a pretty gown...

my apologies for teacup and saucer below, the saucer is upside down, duhhhhhhhhhhh,
springtime it's coming, trees are getting their leaves, flowers are blooming,
this is a Shelley called Daffodil Time and it sure is-if this snow ever leaves

added some Royal Winton candlesticks, roses-roses are always welcome

the teacup and saucer of the lady in the gown is a Colclough

the sandwich or cake plate is Birdbath

I needed some Daffodils and I know I will go to town tomorrow and will see a pile of them. Usually on the street corners, but to early yet.
I can't believe I took all those pictures and saucer is upside down.
Every Friday for 42 years, I stage our auctions, arrange furniture, to look appealing, we try to
make it look like it is in your home. China and glasses, in cabinets, arranged neatly, but the
most important thing is cups n saucers are arrange with saucer -if a scene -top is at the top, teacup always has handle facing to the right and they are all lined up like little soldiers and I didn't see this.
I would be fired and that would really upset me, the pay is so much...

what a lovely water fountain with all the blue and yellow flowers in the background.

yellow is so uplifting isn't it, nice to use in this dull month.

we used this teapot for years, love it, but you can see all the age marks
(their is a name for that), so got worried it might get broken. Friends have one
like this in a royal blue and it is gorgeous

as you can see the background of the pond is still full of snow, hopefully this week will mostly be gone. Storm coming from the states Wednesday, but not much longer now, March 1st Friday, what a joyous feeling that spring is around the corner,
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  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely tea time table! I love that gold teapot!!! Jane Austen is one of my favorite novelists ever! I've never read Mansfield Park...I'm gonna have to go get that book! =D

  2. Your beautiful yellow tablescape has brought sunshine to my rainy Kentucky day!

  3. What a lovely fresh tablescape! - I Just adore Jane Austen's characters-have read and reread all her work- I recently saw a movie adaptation (I think it was PBS) of Mansfield park which was delightful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh would love to see that, although I started to watch a Jane Austen movie one night, but hockey was on-need I say more we're Canadian and like our hockey, at least one does in this house...

  4. A wonderful tea for a wonderful heroine. I reread Jane often...I'm about due to read Mansfield Park again...it's been a few years. Love the bright and cheerful setting. I especially love the Shelley....surprise...surprise! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. What lovely china and your teapot is just the happiest color! I am sure that Fanny enjoyed spending some time with you!

  6. How very beautiful and elegant....your tea set and your post! Loved Mansfield Park the movie by BBC.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

    Your tea - and reasons behind doing it for those wonderful characters - is perfect.

    Your china collection is GORGEOUS!!

  8. Such a lovely tea set and the touch of yellow is amazing. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hello Betty,
    Your tea setting is very cozy and warm in white and yellow. Even though the view through the window is chilly, you have set an inviting tea. I love all your china here...especially the lovely lady china patterns! They are so beautiful!


  10. Tea with Fanny is wonderful - the teapot, 2 cups and saucers and plate are perfect! Thank you so much for linking with Friends Sharing Tea.

  11. Dear Betty,
    What a pretty, sunny tea. I love the yellow teapot. I think the word you are looking for is grazing. I think it only gives it more charm-shows it has gone the mile and given you pleasure.
    Love all of your china. What a clever picture close to the end with the reflection of the teapot in the plate. Very cool.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  12. The yellow and gold in the dishes seemed to offer sunshine to your tea time. The teacup is lovely, and the pictures do tell a story.

    Here you are looking over the snow in anticipation of spring which surely is round the corner!

  13. Hmmm...I just wrote a comment and it seemed to disappear when I hit publish! Oh well, I'll try again... :o)

    I love your teapot. I've never seen one like it. What a keepsake as is your MIL's cake plate. Your table display is just beautiful and the touches of yellow makes it feel like spring is almost here. Have you had enough of the snow and slush we got this past week?

    I'm also a Jane Austen fan and can read her books again and again. I'm listening to "Pride & Prejudice" on audio books these days. Love her wit and characters.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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  15. Oh so pretty! I'm collecting dainty vintage teacups as I come across them for my tree this coming Christmas (you can never start too early, right?)

    So lovely... I need to go put the kettle on now and brew a cup too!
    English Breakfast, Rose Scented or Earl Gray? Hmm....

    (btw, saw you at Pink Saturday!)
    -Jessica G from thecabbagerosecottage.blogspot.com

  16. Beautiful dishes and I love the yellow doily.
    Thanks so much for visiting...hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  17. What a gorgeous setting!
    Because I think your blog is awesome {and you are too!}, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here: http://justagirlandherblog.com/awards-season/. Hope you are doing well! Happy Weekend!

    Abby =)

  18. Hi lovely lady.
    Your setting for tea is Gorgeous !! I would love to have tea with you. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. Im your newest follower on your blog now. I just put a new table on come see if you can. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  19. Beautiful tea setting with your lovely china. The teacups and teapot are gorgeous and I love your crochet square too. Thank you for your visit to my gifts post and I'm happy you liked the 3 tier sweet stand..I am crazy about it too! Have a lovely week.