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Monday, 18 February 2013

Family Day Tea

 Beautiful sunny day today, it's Family Day in Ontario, so a holiday for everyone. Took my two youngest grandsons snowboarding and came home and sat down to a quiet cup of tea. My roses are almost finished, so thought I would stick with the rose theme.

they are still beautiful aren't they, they are in a large opened decorative bowl

I so love these plates, have six and one large, they are Limoge, I used them for my tea, last spring, they are so delicate

this teapot is a Sadler, English Rose by Roy Kirkham

because of the roses the Royal Albert American Beauty of my MIL's matches perfectly, I have shown these before, but you can never tire of them. Also, matching roses on the napkin, along with teapots and cups n saucers.

the little dish is Old English Rose also Royal Albert with sweets in it
look at all our lovely snow in my pond outside, soon be gone...

there is also a china mug that matches the teapot, which hubby likes, but regardless
of mug or teacup, tea can only be in china, not the same in pottery cups.

very strong looking tea, I think it's coffee, forgot to boil the kettle, so settled for coffee as it was already made,
thank you for sharing tea with me today, and to all the Ontarioens hope you had a happy relaxing Family day and God bless..
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  1. Your china is really pretty and the roses on the cups and teapots are gorgeous!

  2. Such a lovely tea today, thank you so much for sharing such beauty!

    Wish I could come over and sip tea and visit with you at such a pretty table.

  3. I love the big roses on the tea-cup. So pretty. Deb

  4. What a beautiful tea you posted! The plates are absolutely stunning.



  5. Love your tea set and the plates are gorgeous..Placing a rose on the cup looks very pretty.warm and inviting...:):)

  6. Hi Betty, Your roses, plates, and teapot are really lovely. Glad you had some fun times with your family!
    xo Beth

  7. Hi Betty,
    So happy you had a nice time with your family! PEI had Family Day yesterday too although my hubby didn't get it off. In any case, because of the storm yesterday, he did get sent home so he had the day off after all. Boy, I'll be glad when this winter is over! It's been one storm after another here lately.

    Now onto a more enjoyable topic; your china is simply swoon-worthy! I just love the American Beauty pattern and the teapot and mug are a lovely match. I do love roses! Thank you for sharing such a pretty tea, Betty. Hope the rest of your week is lovely.

    Blessings and joy,

  8. What a lovely table setting by the window Betty! Gorgeous teapot and china! Love everything! Thanks for linking to Friends Sharing Tea.

  9. Absolutely LOVE your Limoges dishes and your Sadler Tea Pot! The Roses are all beautiful. Please stop by my Tea today.

    Jan ♥

  10. Hi Betty,
    I love your teapot and cups. Such a pretty table. The roses and rose pattern put a smile on my face. Thank you for the tea today.
    Reuzeit Emporium Blog
    Reuzeit Emporium

  11. The roses are perfect with your china,and I completely agree with you, tea does taste better in china!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I love the RA pattern. How nice you have some from family. The napkins are perfect. Do you have roses already> Way ahead of us! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!