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Monday, 11 February 2013

I think by watching the news the past day that a lot of you bloggers out there in blogland maybe having a snowstorm. Yesterday morning their was just a skiff of snow on spots on the parking lot of our auction centre, storm started last night about 4:30 and we have over two feet easy. Gorgeous bright night outside now at 12:30, all the town is tucked in bed, sound asleep.
here is our parking lot 34 hours later, white car is daughter in laws (to be), she arrived home from work and just drove in as fast as she could and there she sits.
Anyways, I'm joining Pink Saturday so on with the pink-although picture above has a pink hue.
my cannister set, probably have had for 12 years, maybe longer, it is Victorian Chintz by Burleigh made in Staffordshire England.
got the teapot, small teapot for one, milk pitcher, cream n sugar, gravy boat tray and two pairs of salt n peppers, also 8 mugs and one large cup n saucer.
This cupboard was an old oak cupboard, not in nice shape and didn't really match,  I disliked it big time, so painted it black. Hubby was ready to have a heart attack, but doing good, tried to find a before picture, but wasn't blogging then. Love the black, would have liked white too, maybe next time. Pink and black is so pretty though.

Everything is pink or red-the red transferware shows pink though, so pretty isn't it?
the Burleigh pieces are on the second shelf, picture doesn't them justice though, the three square plates behind is Masons. Will do a post on the Masons someday. The middle piece of Burleigh is a Milk pitcher that I don't use a lot like the other pieces.

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