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Monday, 4 March 2013

My Welsh Cupboard

Got a new buy at the auction Friday evening, but before I share that I have to share an almost tragedy. Fridays are auction days here in Newtonville, have been for 43 years. I head out about 9:00 Friday mornings for the auction centre, Frank has probably left at 7:00, the auction is across the street, maybe 100 steps, make it sound like it's miles.

this is our Auction Centre on Wednesday night of last week and hopefully the last snowstorm, it's taken from our bedroom.
Back to the story... I go in and re arrange furniture to make it appealing, set up china, dishes, crystal, whatever we have, I'm a stager I guess you would say. We go out for lunch and get our supplies for canteen, open for the public at 2:00 auction is 5:00 and we get home at 9:00 or 10:00 that night. Sometimes I run home if I have forgotten something, but usually never return, Frank will slip in to wash and change. Our daughter has been home for the last month and she has a little dog
looks like a pug, not really sure what she is -her name is Prudence. (she is always cold and soaks
up the heat from the fireplace). So this Friday, the two
of them daughter and Prudence are sitting on couch, when Prudence jumps up and looking at
the back of the couch. Their was smoke coming up from it-immediately daughter starts to think that she had done it, she jumps up and starts to move everything, pulls off cushions, pillows,
getting excited, smoke is still coming, goes to the back and I have a sofa table at the back-she
pulled it away and couch is on fire.
Not a big deal when you look at it now, although it does sit in the middle of the room. After she
sees this and gets it to stop smouldering, she starts to investigate and lo and behold on  the
bottom shelf of the sofa table is this
and yes I know better, but it was on the bottom of the shelf, but the sun had been shining
through. This was at 3:00 oclock, we wouldn't have been home until 9:00 that night and
our home would have been pretty bad, by the time we did get there. Customers at the
auction would have seen something-we have parking around our home and most times they are
pretty observant. Prudence saved the day... Thank you Prudie.
Now unto my exciting buy at the auction, we had a Welsh Cupboard for auction
this is from the families home, on our web page. I have looked for something like this for
years, so I was so excited. It's oak and I'm not an oak lover, said if I bought it I was
going to paint it black, Frank almosts has a heart attack. But I have already painted another
oak cupboard black, and he likes it. This cupboard would replace a pine 1950's cupboard
that is four feet tall, with the glass at the top and drawers below with doors below that.
Usually pine colour and sometimes thin stripe of red on them. But mine was painted black,
who would figure, and I loved it, but our ceilings are high and it just never looked right. No
picture of it, can't believe it.
Well I bought it, had me worried for a couple of bids (when I want something at auction I get
another person to bid for me, it's not right if I bid against customers or it doesn't look
right). Well I didn't have a tea party today because I have been arranging and arranging,
Put my red transferware in it, Royal Winton cups and antique red glass and fiestaware below.
That's it for my tea, rearranged the other cupboard too and by the time I washed everything and
got it displayed, too late for tea. Had a late tea though with Frank. I'm so pleased with the
cupboard, only problem, light switch is behind it, will figure out something...
oh -to add to the fire story, one of our grandsons-Max lives on the other side of the auction centre-we are one side and he's on the other, well last night he woke up to go to the bathroom and saw a light flashing, woke up his mom and dad. His dad (our heroic son) says "it's probably your play station
you left on-you know better Max", he says no it's not it's downstairs. So mother says Oh I'll go check. She had fallen asleep and lift a candle burning and it was in flames, Max screaming that they had to get out of the house-they were going to die, very exciteable, but to make their story a happy
ending they got the fire out, have some cleaning to do were the was splattered when she poured water on it -but all ends well in their home too. And yes everything comes in threes-not going there...
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  1. Oh my goodness, sounds like your guardian angels have been working overtime = wow.

    As for your new china cupboard - it id fabulous and looks perfect in that spot.


  2. Hello there dear lady,

    My oh my!...

    Glad you got that great new buy of your fabulous new china cupboard at the auction last Friday evening. Yet thank God your almost tragedy was avoided by the grace of God! Who knew?... A magnifying glass no less... Wow!

    With your red transferware prettily displayed within it, your Royal Winton cups and antique red glass and fiestaware; so pretty!

    Cute little dog, that Prudence pug, pup. And the plot thickens; your son, DIL next door... She had fallen asleep and left a candle burning and it was in flames? Wow... What drama! All is well that ends well... yet poor little, Max. Oh my!

    Thank God for guardian angels and then some. Wow!

    Hugs,cheers and blessings from Wanda Lee

  3. Hi Betty,
    Whow, you had really an exiting time! What a luck, Prudie found the fire just in time. And that your grandkid found the little fire in the night. Thats just a lot of luck. Your new cupboard looks really nice. Thank you for sharing and stay safe.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. My goodness, who would have thought that the magnifying glass would have ever caused a fire. Yikes, that was a lucky break. So glad your home was saved! Beautiful cupboard and I love the red transferware.

  5. When I see a cupboard like this I feel like I am in WALES. This is really lovely! With your livelyhood I imagine you have beautiful things!

  6. Gorgeous new Welsh cupboard. Good thing Prudence was there! Happy Tea Day!

  7. Goodness...scary moments! Glad you are all okay! The cupboard is lovely! Especially with the transferware. Wonderful!

  8. God was with you for sure! Love the cupboard. I too have always wanted one like that, so beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Oh I so love that Welsh Cupboard, it is stunning. I would have wanted that piece too. Your transferware looks amazing on it. Truly Gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Thankfully not only you but your son's home and family are safe and nothing serious happened. Very scary just thinking about it.

    Your Welsh cupboard is beautiful! It also looks amazing with your dishes placed on it. Great addition to your home. Oh, and who needs a light switch! :o)

  11. Wow, those are really scary fire incidents! I'm glad there was no serious damage. The Welsh dresser is really beautiful! What a great find. I'm visiting from Tea Time Tuesday. Blessings. Pamela

  12. Your stories are a good reminder to be vigilant with candles, and now a magnifying glass which I wouldn't have thought of.
    The Welsh cupboard is a nice piece.

  13. My goodness! What a wild and crazy time you've had! Thank goodness for your prudent pooch :) Thanks for linking up at my Homemaking Linkup. I've just posted the new one for this week and would love to have you join!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  14. Well, Betty, you've had your excitement for one week! I'm glad no one was hurt or lost their home. Your cabinet looks lovely filled with the red transferware. Thank you for coming to tea.


  15. That is so unusual - your story with the magnifier. Who would have imagined such a thing. Good little doggie! Your hutch is delightful!!! ALL IS WELL!