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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines Delight

Happy Valentines Friends
Such a LOVEly time of the year,
Hubby has to work tomorrow night so we had our valentines dinner tonight. I surprised him
First I redid my dining room table for Valentines, it had been silver, purple and jade. I have shown my Serena dishes before, but have a purple cloth and purple glasses. I use a mirror for the center of the table, it's my grandsons off his wall, makes a great centrepiece.

roses and more roses

roses in satin glass rosebowls

need help with this-how should a glass knife rest sit beside the dinner plate,
have checked and checked, came up with this on the bread plate, but not right-but it is ok.

see the knife rest a little better

I love Serena dishes Royal Albert? I believe, these were my daughters and she didn't want them anymore, no dining room, so I bought them from her and then bought another 8 place setting off kiiji with teapot. Tricia (daughter) had a pile of accessory pieces, but missing the teapot. Have told this story before, but they are so pretty and delicate.

Tonight hubby needed to got to town-duhhh, knew why, he needed to do shopping for Valentines-never mind that we spent morning in a mall in Toronto- with chocolate stores, lingerie, flowers-more important SHOES behind him, where he was reading the paper. Then comes home and rushes into town in a panic. Well he headed out and I decided to have a Valentines dinner in our family room, so I ran like mad and I mean ran-got a table, tablecloth, good china, serviettes, candleabra-tried for gold trimming, but that wasn't working, wine glasses, purple with rhinestones, my mil's Aynsely cup n saucers, salad bowls, bread plate, teapot, and cook dinner. We had left hamburg out, our daughter is back living with us, but had gone out tonight so perfect timing. Meal isn't too exciting, but hubby likes anything.

Did hamburg, with onions, mushrooms, baked a potato, did a salad, sliced cheese, went looking for his valentines card I made him-it was upstairs I barrelled up them, with Daisy barking at my heels, trying to figure out what I was doing, found a box of chocolates I had bought him, ran back down stairs, got the two chairs in front of fireplace, even dusted off the tea wagon. Had all this done in 40 minutes when he walked in,with roses, and chocolates. And we sat down to eat, and I was sweating like a pig at this point, did calm down, but it was all ready and a nice surprise.

Finished up with tea, the teapot is Royal Albert -New Country Roses

turned out to be a lovely dinner, quiet, romantic-perfect.
tablecloth looks wrinkled-tacky it wasn't though

remembered my Old Country Rose heart dish

chocolates upside down, sometimes I'm a ditz

Again Happy Valentines Day and God bless

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  1. Lovely! Serena is an all time favorite pattern, and hard to find as it was discontinued years ago. Grat set, and lovely table setting. Knife rests are usually placed at the side of the dinner plate on the outside and are used for the dinner knife...from a day when dinner knives were used for more than cutting. But basically...you do what works for you! Love the last minute table...perfect! Glad you had a wonderful dinner and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Your dining room is set beautifully! Love your Serena china. It is absolutely gorgeous! I like the table you set for you and your hubby too. Pretty teapot! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

  3. Hi Betty,
    Your pink tablescape is gorgeous! I love the Serena pattern and I have those same pink goblets! Your link wasn't working but I fixed it for you. No picture though. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.


  4. You had me laughing and loving your story AND your beautiful table !
    Happy PINK

    1. Thank you, if anyone had looked in the window they would have thought I had flipped out.

  5. Dear Betty,
    I adore the Serena pattern. I remember that story from before but am happy to hear it again. I think your table looks magnificent and tres elegant. It looks absolutely charming and I love the way you fold your napkin into a rose.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  6. Betty,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I am a new visitor to yours and just love it! Tea and Roses, what else could a girl ask for?? I will definitely be following you.


  7. Oh wow your diningroom is gorgeous! Doesn't Royal Albert have the prettiest china.