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Friday, 8 February 2013

Victorian Chintz

Welcome to my Cozie Cottage, I think a lot of blogland has been affected by the winter storm, yesterday morning our auction centre parking lot above was clear of snow. Started last night about four and 34 hours later it's unbelievable-over 2 1/2 feet.
 the white car you see in the snow belongs to daughter in law (to be), she had a rough drive home and just flew in the parking lot and there she sits. At least she's safe.
Showing my cannister set, which is Victorian Chintz by Burleigh, Staffordshire England, had this set maybe 12 years.

I love the Victorian Chintz, so pretty, have several pieces all serving pieces.

this is an old oak cupboard we bought at auction 5 or 6 years ago. I fell in love with it when I first saw it, even though I'm not an oak lover, and the two pieces really didn't match although it was hard to tell. So painted it black, thought hubby was going to have a heart attack, but still beating away. What a difference it made, love it now...

and it houses my Mason transferware, Burleigh pieces all pink-well really red and white, but shows pink. Pink and black is so pretty isn't it?

most of the dishes are Masons, but the Burleigh pieces are on the second row, salt n'peppers, milk jug and cream n sugar. Also, have a small teapot and 8 mugs, gravy boat and tray and a single tray,  oh and a huge teacup. The picture really doesn't do it justice, didn't think I was going to do the Victorian Chintz when I started tonight.
Didn't have any valentines to show and remembered that I have hearts hangin in my windows. You can see the white snow outside the windows, Happy Valentines my friends and God Bless...

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  1. Simply stunning!! From the hutch to the cannister set (which is to die for) to the lamp!!

    We only got 5-6 inches so please stay safe and warm!!


  2. Hi Betty,
    We have a blizzard going on outside today. It's a good day to stay inside. LOVE your Burleigh Chintz and Mason pieces. Be still my heart!! What a gorgeous collection you have. It all looks fabulous displayed in your black hutch. So happy you have shared this with us. Stay safe, my friend.


  3. I am in love with that china cabinet and everything in it! Love red transferware.

  4. These dishes are totally beautiful and your cjina hutch! Just lovely and I loved seeing them!

  5. Oh my...what beautiful PINKS! I love the Fenton Cranberry Lamp!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. I just thought I'd tell you I'm your newest follower!

    Jan ♥

  7. Your cabinet is just amazing. The wonderful transferware and chintz look gorgeous with the black!!