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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Scrappers-scrapping, work room

This is my craft, painting, but really scrapbooking room. It is a turret, almost 7 walls and twenty some feet to the peak. Maybe more, I forget. I enjoy my turret room so much, and so do my grandchildren. Or they did when they were younger, now they are too cool to play.
Below is the overall inside of the wicker armoire.
tops shelf is scrapbooking paper 12 x 12 sheets, second row is smaller paper
third row is painting supplies, looks messy because of round containers. Going to go to town tomorrow and get bins that match and put everything in it.
Bottom row is full of pictures, all the boxes.

A year ago my daughter who is a scrapper and had sold Stampin Up moved to a smaller home and had to get rid of her supplies and she had piles, so I'am storing them for her along with mine. I do use what I need, she may never get them back but they are in good hands. I also am Chair of our local Historical Society, as well as all hubbies family history and mine (back to 1500) so it takes in a lot of pictures. Oh and I also sold Creative Memories.

By Saturday I will have this reorganized...

this is the wicker armoire...

my work table overlooks our auction centre (which is an old retro B/A garage, you can see the sign through the window)

this is stamps, ink, accessories for scrapping.
The stained glass window is in an inside wall, so that light shines through both ways. Not a problem though, this room is really bright, great room to work in. Top right is a internet printer that we can print from our phones, ipad or whatever when not at home. Works-amazes me.Also, making a bridal bouquet out of broaches for future daughter-in-law, you can see bottom right corner a bouquet styrofoam holder that I'm not going to use,  shouldn't be in picture.

Below washstand missing a door holds new scrap albums. I see two binders there that I have to move. The printer is a wide printer that I use for newsletters for auctions and the historical society. Paper cutter beside it.

Below-didn't do a close up of this wall, under the tv is a store unit that holds thread. We sold out a sewing store and got this thread holder. It is so handy. Under it is all the little goodies that go with scrapping, eyelets, punches, scissors, ribbon, wires, pens, pencils, glue, tape on and on, use it all. 
this is a chaise settee that is so comfortable, my grandson is staying with us for the week, his mom and dad are in Jamaica, will show it another time without the sheet. You can see his computer on the little table, life is good for him.
Everything is piled neatly for grandson -Trey.
Below it shows the flooring, had them do it octagonal. When I scrap, have a little fold down table I set up in the middle of the room.

this picture below is from a couple of years ago, but shows the turret room

this is the stained glass window on the outside of turret room in the hall, our hall is large and it is used in every corner.
my sewing machine and serger are here, underneath is the large paper for newsletters, no other place to store, two paintings on the floor that are grandsons. Part of my problem, they all come to live with me for awhile, but then don't take their goodies home.

two french doors that lead to an outdoor balcony, wicker sewing cabinet.

a computer centre again one belongs to grandson and one is mine,
also the router is here. Another computer, scanner, copier, came
from a police auction. This is a great area to work, so bright.

below-looks ugly, but out ironing board that is 70 years old, it came from our old house across the road. We had turned the front of old home into an apartment and this was removed. So it's like a wedding, something old... the carpenter that built all the homes on this end of town, put this in every home, most women removed them, but I have always enjoyed it. Especially with laundry room beside it.

bottom part is for iron,
hook for shirts-grandsons

ironing board behind the door, first door is spare bathroom, then the
ironing board, behind the next two is laundry room and another stain glass. Gee see my grandsons hoodie is on railing-three more days-will miss him,  but not the clothes...

this stain glass is another piece I had hanging around and had our carpenter build it into the wall
for light.

 this is from the other side of our walk in closet.
well this was long and busy and hope I didn't bore you. About 8 years ago we started to renovate this home, our carpenter worked full time and would work every night on it, and as we got the money, it was two - three years in the making. Everything has been planned and thought out to where it should go, and saying I love this home is an understatement, we both enjoy it so much, me more so. Our carpenter was 46 and got a brain anuerism four months after we moved in and died. One of our biggest shocks.
 The hallway is used all the time, every night I do laundry, iron, go on computer, whatever I can find, thank you for visiting.
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  1. I enjoyed this tour and all your many "interests".

  2. Bore me? I was in scrapbook heaven! Love the room and would love to work in it. I too am a scrapper. Lucky lady! Blessings, Martha

  3. Your home is just amazing, Betty! So beautiful. I take it it is an older home that you did extensive renovation on. Love the turret too!

  4. Oh, Betty, your home is a dream - how lovely to have a turret room! What fun you must have in this room. I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. Your home appears well organized now so I'm looking forward to seeing how you improve your craft studio. I love the stained glass window and insert.

  6. What a beautiful home you have and I love the turret! A wonderful space to do crafts and scrapping. The windows are fabulous! Thank you for sharing this at my HOME and have a good weekend, Betty.


  7. Such a lovely home! I enjoy seeing all your creative spaces. Thanks for the share. HPS to you and enjoy the weekend.

  8. So neat and organize!

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  9. Your home is beautiful, so warm, well organized and charming, I love that! You create the most pretty spaces with such feminine hand. Lovely stained glass! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. I always click in ex-large my photos for posting and I do see them like this, how weird you see them small, cause I still see yours small too, lol...A friend told me at the beginning and I like them that way, as one can see all the details in the photos, all at once!

  10. Wow, love, love your scrapping/craft room and just love that armoire. You have a beautiful home.

  11. How fun that you get to scrapbook in a turret room! Love the arched windows.