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Monday, 23 July 2012

Tea Time Tuesday and a Summer Cloche party

Welcome to my windy Tea Time Tuesday, it was so hot-not complaining though. The wind kept it tolerable, but then it kept blowing my tablecloths off, when I was setting up for my tea. I am joining the Tea Time Tuesdays and getting ready for Beverleys birthday bash with pink and yellow theme.

the wind blew my umbrella over
it's yellow though

an old bridge cloth that I have had around for years, no idea where it came from except an auction. Love the embroidery work with the ladies along the flowered fence. Two different colours on other side, which I will show again another time.

this teapot is Royal Winton ?-just drew a blank. I have shown it before, but keeping with the pink and yellow

these girls were joining me, but more interested in what was blowing across from them.
If you remember Daisy the dog laying down lost a leg in Jan. her hair is growing back in, she was groomed last week to even it out. Dog in front is Sasha, full sister to Daisy (my grandsons dog) but a year younger.
The tea cup and saucer below is a Royal Albert "Rosedale Series" my tea was a chai.

yellow hobnail eperngne got a couple of weeks ago-yeh at an auction-where else?
I was putting Angels lace in the tiny,  vasesbut it was getting windier by the minute so was
rushing (and see the blue handled scuffler in the background-tacky)
Oh well, I had ran my table and chairs over to another side of the yard out of the wind or so I thought.

relish dish -auction-Schwarnzenburg, poot picture sorry

my favorites grapes and cheese (I should add that I was already at the tearoom in Port Hope with my daughter at 12:00 and had quiche and a banana desert with caramel).
                                      The dish had more in it, but had disappeared somehow?

                        my handsome grandson Damane we call him D'man or the Main Man,
                               joining me for tea. His tea cup was a Shelley "Daffodil Time",
                                         he has his baby finger down right or should I say up...
he didn't enjoy his Chai tea -he got one sip and the skys opened up

we haven't had a good rain for weeks, so  it was welcome, but it was the end of our tea party in the garden
didn't go to waste though, I carried it all back inside and drank it standing at the kitchen sink, watching the rain

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                                                             Summer Cloche Party
I am going to share my cloches below here, not pleased with my tea above and the cloches aren't doing it for me either. I have used my cell phone camera which takes good pictures but sometimes good doesn't cut it.

where I store them on top of my china cabinet and the wall is a navy blue so doesn't show good. The cover of the cake dish is large and has gold embedded in swirls, very pretty

this is a large bulbuos shape, very narrow bottom though and doesn't cover a lot -further down with Royal Doultons

This one I just love and we sold one exactly like it at an auction two months ago and I was snoozing and didn't get it, then I buy one from Amazon. It covers everything, three tiered dishes, I could do with two, as I have two of these tiered plates

Here is the one on a delft style cake stand, with Royal Doultons Elaine

My absolute favorite, never seen anymore like it, pink (old cranberry piece inside) the cake stand is scalloped.

Their is a cake stand and lid behind the pink one in this picture, have many cake stands, square, scalloped, plain, large, fancy and not so fancy, and many lids for them.  Wanted to show the corner of the green cake stand and I had had a cloche for it, but lent it out and yes it got broken...

this one I have had for forty years and have my grandfathers pocke watch inside.
Thank you for visiting with me, about a month ago I spent three nights on ebay and amazon looking for cloches, no idea that I would be blogging them. One I had bought came poorly wrapped and it was smashed, that was disappointing.
I am sharing with Marty at a stroll thru life, link is above at the beginning of this post a return to loveliness...


  1. Good morning Betty,
    I very seldom ever have my tea outside because we have wind here most of the time. Most days it is not safe to hang my clothes out on the line so I know what you mean.
    Your bridge cloth is adorable with the ladies on it. How perfect for a tea table! Love the pretty teacups and the chintz teapot is swoon-worhty!

    You have gorgeous cloches! What wonderful sizes they are. You know I'm loving the pinkish one, right?

    Thanks so much for joining my tea party today and have a beautiful day, Betty.


  2. Lovely tea party in the garden. Beautiful teacups and teapot. Your grandson has the right idea with the pinkie!!! I love embroidery and your bridge cloth is gorgeous. Perfect for a teascape. Happy Tea Day!

  3. Hello Betty,
    I love your fabulous post! Hearing about your windy tea outdoors, and your amazing cloches was fun. I have the very same tea pot as yours too! I think they were offered by the Victoria magazine quite a few years ago...don't know where I pulled that memory from, but it sticks in my mind.
    Your tea cups are very pretty! I love them both!
    Everything was lovely, and it was nice to see your handsome grandson too : )
    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Love the blue and white cake plate under your cloche.A lovely eam party too. I am going to look around some more on your lovely blog.

  5. What a wonderful tea for Beverley! Love your brifge cloth, yellow hobnail epergne and RW & Shelley are ALWAYS favorites! At least you got some rain, but so sorry it ruined your wonderful teatable and tea with your handsome grandson! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous setting, and for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Your teascape is gorgeous. I love the beautiful linens and the yellow ruffled vase is stunning. Your cloches are absolutely amazing. The pink one is to die for and with the cranberry glass inside, so pretty. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your pink cloche with the cramberyy inside is to die for!! Your embroidered linen are stunning and the teapot at the beginning of this great post, it's simply gorgeous! Happy Cloche Party.

  8. Your grandson is cute and a good sport! I am going ga ga over all your great chintz. Oh boy. The tea pot, the three tiered cake plate....oh my. So yummy. Gorgeous. Love the Royal tea cup and saucer. I sold a beautiful Royal Albert (enchantment) teapot with two cups and saucers on Etsy...I am really missing that set. Thanks for the tea party :)

  9. Hi: I am in so delighted with your post today. Love the Chintz and the Fenton is stunning. I had to take a second and third look at everything today. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful invitation. Blessings, Martha

  10. So many pretty things to admire in this post!
    Your chintz and vintage embroidered cloths are a delight!
    I think your photos are great and I love the one of the clouds just as much as the others!
    Your grandson looks very elegant with his "pinky" like that, lol!
    Thanks for linking up.
    Have a lovely day..Trish

  11. I love your teapot! It's so gorgeous. And the embroidered tablecloth is lovely. You have some elegant tea cups and your son makes a fine tea time partner, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing these special items!

  12. I love your pretty Chintz teapot and all of your cloches. My favorite is the large pink cloche. I've never seen one that color. Have a nice day.

  13. This is a wonderful post and I thank you for participating in Tea In The Garden. That yellow Victorian piece is amazing!

  14. I love your pink cloche! Came over to visit from Marty's and am now following you! Hugs, Penny