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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's pink Saturday time again, and what to do or show, their is so much pink in the house, but if I show it all I won't have anything left for next time. So going to show some roses that are re-
blooming again. Also, we have a pretty auction tomorrow night and going to show some of the cups n saucers, but forgot to take pictures of the pink depression glass (I think it's new anyways).

Every Thursday or Friday morning I go in and
Decorate the auctions, have to use whatever is on hand.
Whether it be fuscia, orange or whatever. This week was great for teas
Isn't this a pretty plate?

Not too hard to decorate, they don't bring a lot of money anymore,
unless it's a special one.
these are all Scottish tea cups n saucers-below

Royal Doulton set of dishes |"Bell Heather"
Now I didn't set this up, need a centrepiece and
will find something in the morning.

Need some scones... or strawberrys with white chocolate and Marscapone...
ENjoy all these teapots are to be auctioned
Blarney Castle
William Shakespeare"Romeo & Juliet"
Demitasse set
                                    Country Cupboard (didn't check the bottom so probably
                                                                     not right name)
This picture below was to be on my last post and I couldn't open it no matter what I did,
showing my umbrella opened up, my new table and chairs and the rose garden with the lady in
the background. Iam going to have to give her a name???

Just in case anyones thinking-I'm not soliciting, by the time
everyone sees these pictures the auction will be long over.
Just so appropriate for a tea and a pink tea is even better...

I will be joining Beverley pink Saturday
Sherry at open house party


  1. I wish I could go to your auction!
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Betty! Wish I could go to your auction! I LOVE the Blossom Time plate and the Blarney castle teapot is darling too. I just love looking at all your lovely china pieces; what fun! The pink depression glass plate at my tea party will have some ribbon looped through it when it's not in use. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and enjoy your weekend.


  3. OMG!! I want everything I see in this store! So glad, (in a way)that this is SO FAR AWAY RROM ME!!!!!!!!!! I'd be bankrupt buying the entire gorgeous china teacups and dishes in this auction, lol..Thanks for visiting me, please visit again.

  4. Now that was fun!! I could window shop without being overly tempted! All the teacups and teapots were delightful. I also loved your beautiful roses. Thank you for this day-brightener! HOpe your auction was successful!