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Monday, 9 July 2012

Anne of Green Gables Tea

Today is the Anne of Green Gables Tea party and I am not at home. In Port Perry which is about five miles from Uxbridge where Lucy Maude Montgomery MacDonald moved to with her husband Ewan, he was the minister for St. Pauls Presbyterian Church in Leaskdale. Now having said we were that close, we didn't get over today to get a picture of the home and placque but have seen it many times. We have a good friend who lives in Zephyr and that is the sister church to the one in Leaskdale.
Leaskdale is part of Durham Region which we share, it does take in a big area.

Photo by Alan L. Brown
this is taken from the internet, seeing I didn't make it there.

the TV series Road to Avonlea was filmed in Uxbridge (Leaskdale)

the roads were painted red to represent the sand in PEI. My
grandmother was a big fan of Anne and it was something we always
shared. She lived in Prince Albert for awhile which is close to Uxbridge
and had been to her PEI to the home that Sandi has on her post.
While I waited in the car for Frank to list an auction I read Kathy's post A Delightsome Life, the story of Anne having tea with her good friend Diana and the sad results. So I did miss out on the tea,
today, but my thoughts and heart was
with everyone and I shared the next best way, and now Iam sitting here drinking my late night tea...

I am sharing with Sandi's Anne of Green Gables Tea


  1. How nice you have visited this!

  2. Well, you were here in spirit for the tea! I've been to Port
    Perry a number of times but never to see the house, I should the next time I'm that way.

  3. Good morning Betty,
    Thank you for sharing this information and the photos. I have never been there of course but would love to visit one day. Funny that they painted the roads red for the series, isn't it? The Island isn't all that far away and it's too bad they couldn't have filmed some of it here. In any case, Anne of Green Gables is still one of my all time favourite movies! Thank you for joining me for tea, my friend. I wish you a lovely day.


  4. I did not know that about the roads being painted red for the movie - how fascinating! I am loving all the different contributions to the Anne of Green Gables Tea this week - what a Delightsome idea Sandi had - there really is so much for us to share - I truly love your personal touches to this post! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. I learned a lot from your post about L.M. Montgomery and the setting for the Anne movies. Thanks for sharing these facts. Interesting!

  6. What a special post this is! Very nice!

  7. I am so thrilled that I have had this opportunity to share in the Anne of Green Gables Tea Party with so many of you. You are all so well versed in "Anne-isms"...such a lovely group of kindred spirits. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this delightful party!

  8. I have enjoyed the Road to Avonlea tv series over the years. Thanks for sharing L.M. Montgomery's home town- Uxbridge and the setting for Road to Avonlea. It's been a pleasure reading your Anne of Green Gables post. Have a wonderful week.