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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

July 2nd I tried to order Chalk paint from Lauren Lane Decor in Calgary Alberta. I went through all the questions that you enter and it refused my phone number, said it wasn't a real number. So I did it over again and same thing. So I sent an email to Tara Jamieson owner of Lauren Lane and she sent me back a text to eliminate a number and try again.
So went ot reorder and try it again and the Lauren lane Decor website has been discontinued that Tara has died, from a sudden accident. So sorry to read this, I never met her, but she is an expert in refinishing furniture, an expert with the paint and so quick to answer back.
My deepest sympathies to the family and friends...


  1. Betty, you are very kind to share this with your readers. I don't have words for the level of shock and heartbreak all of us have felt.

    Tara was a special young woman. She was living her dream. I am so thankful for at least that.

    In case you don't see my response to you on my blog, I wanted to post here. Thank you for your prayers... they are appreciated.

    Warmly, Leanne