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Friday, 20 July 2012

Pink Saturday

I am joining Beverley today for pink Saturday, next week is her big birthday, going to be a great celebration for sure!!!
I am showing my pink cloche that I have on my dining room table, I got it about four or five years ago at Homesense, (also got a green one and lent it out and got broken), so unusual and I was excited when I saw it. This is the pink in my dining room first before we get to it. My dining room is my play room-Mr. Tea refers to it-lots of cranberry glass, also in this picture below have the dining room chairs still and have new grey ones on each end now.
                 The cloche is on the centre of the table, if fits perfectly on a ruffled cake stand
above setting is with the black runner and I do love pink and black, just noticed that my old Chandelier is in these earlier pictures
better picture of it, and their is an antique cranberry tiny pitcher inside.
also depression bowl on the corner-I think the pattern is buttons and bows
(not sure I haven't checked depression patterns in 30 years-not something we auction a lot anymore, I use to know every pattern name-before "change")

You can see the top of the new chairs
Close up picture of the cloche, with a pink boa
                                                                   surrounding it.

My Mirrored star on the ceiling, chandelier has a long story, but to make it short, I took it apart to wash it, (smokers before) and now I can't remember how to put it back to gether-duhhhh
before we restored our home, my daughter had rented our house (until she bought a new place), the dining room was her hair dressing salon. Thus the large mirror in this little alcove-I always liked mirrors on mirrors, my carpenter at the time put a bolt through to the wall on the other side to hold the mirro, very effective and then it has crystal sconces on each side, the buffet fits exactly into the alcove. Hard to tell in the picture but the paint is Benjamin Moore a special effects -that took 5 coats to get it right.

Nailsea antique pipe red on this wall

and pink Nailsea below-no idea what they were used for and don't think I want to know. Have heard lots of them though

showing my new chairs,

thank you for visiting and sharing my pink with me, I do love that colour and look forward to the pink and yellow for the birthday celebration next week. (don't want it to rush too fast though, means July is over and sure has been a wonderful month)
I am also joining Cindy @show and tell Friday
and Beverley @


  1. I enjoyed your pictures. Never thought about mirrors on mirrors - looks wonderful! You have a fabulous dining room. I love your cloche and I have a thing for boas too!

  2. How lovely! The room is just so beautiful and welcoming, and the ruffly cloche is absolutely charming---like my very-favorite-of-all-time-formal back in the Fifties.

    I can see why you call it your play-room---you must enjoy such a wonderful canvas for all your artistic touches.


  3. Your dining room is fit for royalty and the pink boa is the perfect touch.

  4. What a delightful Pink Saturday post! I love the Pink Depression Glass. I have only a few pieces. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am so glad to have found yours! Oh and thank you for the name of my water lilies :)

  5. The mirror on mirror makes a very shining impression. I love the pink cloche and boa, you have a splendid dining room and a wonderful place to play. happy pink sat.

  6. Your tablescape is elegant and lovely! So glad you shared this.

  7. OMG, I love your pink cloche! I have never seen a pink one. Your display is lovely. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  8. So pretty and delightful! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink Slushy Magic, come and see.

    New follower here.

  9. Same with you! I can't remember everything you have in this beautiful dining room, from the beautiful furnishings and new chairs, to your gorgeous tablescape! Your pink cloche is unique, I don't remember ever seeing one before! The Nailsia reds are stunning and the three tier with the small roses is so pretty too. Your buffet, your chandy and mirror, everything is lovely. thanks for your sweet and kind visit, I really appreciate it and please come again. You must join Marty's at Stroll Thru Life, Cloche Party this Tuesday coming. I just followed you, hope you like to do the same. Mine is all the way at the end of the post.

  10. Thank you so much! Just scroll all the way down and you'll see it across the page. I don't know why it's there, oh well..I love your dining room, my fav part of the home. The kitchen is too, but it's a owrking place, lol..

  11. A small suggestion, but of course, you don't have to follow, OR LIKE IT! "Enlarge your photos to start with, that way we can appreciate the beautiful detail of everything you post all at once when we visit". Thanks.

    1. Hi Fabby
      I made them bigger, probably too big now.
      I have been checking your older posts, you have some gorgeous dishes, in fact they all are. Looking at your Christmas china pieces they are beautiful.
      Love all your cloches, they are hard to find. I am a follower of yours.

  12. Love it! What a beautiful birthday celebration!

  13. Beautiful chandeliers. I love the blue and white tea cups and saucers on the chandy. Love the eleglance! Thanks,hope you return my visit...I'm #21 on A Delightsome Life's party this week. Thanks, Helen