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Thursday, 10 January 2013

continued from Monday-Welcome 2013

I might have it figured out to get the pictures on my post, thanks to Sandra. Thank you...
As I mentioned on my last post that we auctioned my MILs china and household goods Friday night.
40 years ago, I would take hubbies younger sister shopping for gifts for her mom, my MIL and my mother, for Mothers day and  we would go to the local china store. I think back then every town had a china shop, that sold Doultons, crystal and cups n saucers -all the good stuff. This one time she got a cup n saucer for her mom and I got a mathing one for mine. Didn't get myself one as we didn't have the money for me to be buying frivolous items in those days. (Had a baby to feed).

Well I bought the cup n saucer at auction the other night that my baby sister in law had bought my mil years ago, and a couple of weeks ago had bought the same one that I had bought my mother. (a lot cheaper than 40 years ago, five dollars now I believe 24.95 -40 years ago).
They are so pretty

I just love them, sitting here staring at the picture.
the first one is jade and naturally the other one is amethyst-Royal Doultons
I had my tea, by myself with the two of them, can't decide which I like the best. To make it even better it was my MILs.

the roses inside are so pretty too, would love a teapot in one of these designs. Not sure they made them -did they???
I'm going

 to have to close as Iam able to get the pictures on, but they are moving around on me, they have disappeared a couple of times, so still have a lot to learn and afraid I'm going to lose it all.
I did make the comment that I was getting off, but I went back on through google chrome and was able to download picture above through the file. Thank you friends for letting me experiment with you...

Before I go though, today hubby did the eulogy at an elderly friend/auction customers funeral (he does this a lot), after funeral we went back to church for tea and these are the dishes at this church-familiar to anyone??

In the town of Bowmanville, there are two United Churches-two blocks apart, they are both gorgeous, one a little more than the other, stained glass windows etc. We have friends in both and they both compete, (little vibes and talks about joining, but will be quite awhile yet). Well they both have these dishes, come on ladies, that is taking competition a little too far, what are the chances that they would both end up with the same??? Will make joining easier though won't it?

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  1. What beautiful gold edged teacups! So wonderful that you were able to find the teacups that you and your friend had purchased for your mothers all those years ago. Beautiful memories attached to those.

  2. These cups are breathtakingly beautiful! Like that Rose Chintz too!!!
    xo Beth

  3. Good morning Betty,
    The RD teacups are gorgeous and how lovely that you were able to get them! I love china with lovely memories attached to them. Of course, the Rose Chintz is a treat to see! And you say both churches have the dishes? Amazing! They do set a pretty table.

    I tried using the HTML format and was able to add my little granddaughter to my post. Thanks so much for sharing the directions with me. We'll see how getting next week's post will go.
    I had tried everything; buying more space, which I didn't need because I still have space {wasn't charged for it} and my pictures are all the right size, so that wasn't the problem either. Turns out there is a glitch with Browser button and they are 'working on it.' Hope they get it attended to soon.
    Thanks for joining my HOME party and enjoy your weekend, my friend.


  4. Your tea cups are very pretty. I learn from other bloggers when they are having blog issues. I stay lost most of the time.

  5. The teacups are lovely! I would definitely pick them up and bring them home if I saw them. A wonderful family addition from your MIL>

  6. That's funny they have the same dishes! :) Your cup sets are beautiful...I'm glad you're able to keep them with you! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  7. So happy you were able to buy the teacups, they belong with you. Both are so beautiful and I know they hold beautiful memories too.

  8. Your new teacups are beautiful! So nice to keep them in the family. Love the rose chintz teacup as well! HPS!

  9. Such beautiful teacups and buying the same one is a hoot. Enjoy your tea in gracious style. I want a cup of tea in a beautiful cup right now. smile.
    xo, Jeanne

  10. Very pretty teacups and saucers.
    Your background is very pretty as well. Looks like you've been blogging a short while? When you mentioned photos, they can be quite the challenge sometimes. One of the challenges I had was using Internet Explorer. I switched to Mozilla Firefox and boy was it a bunch quicker and simpler to load photos. That doesn't help so much w/the arrangements in blogger - but it sure helps with uploads and all. Just thought I'd mention it. I blog via WordPress (which I love).
    Anyway - great post - love your arrangements in your photos of everything - looks great! Enjoy your teacups 'n saucers! Happy Pink Saturday! Nice to "meet" you. Jenn

  11. Oh my gracious, what gorgeous tea cups! My children and grandchildren and I love floral tea sets for fun tea parties. These are so beautiful. Thank you for a delightful visit for Pink Saturday.

  12. OMG .. You've chosen such a friendly setting for your blog and such fabulous teacups to adorn your post... I love them.. One for you and one for me , my friend...How lucky that you found these lovely china teasers. Isn't it gratifying that both churches share the same beautiful tea servings... What a BLESSING !!!!
    Hugs .xoxoxoxo

  13. Those sets are gorgeous. I see them time to time in the antique stores around here and am always in awe of the detail.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  14. Beautiful teacups! And a story behind them as well. I enjoy seeing everything you share with us.

    I'm so glad you were able to download photos using my instructions. I googled to find out what to do, that's how I knew. :o) I downloaded google chrome a few days ago and the there's no problem with adding pictures using it. I really like Google chrome so you might want to try it when you get a chance.

  15. These two are perhaps 2 of the prettiest teacups I have ever seen. By the link my link is called Friends Sharing Tea all fall and winter and in the spring and summer I call it Tea in The Garden.

    Your blog is really nice!