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Monday, 28 January 2013

Welcome to my tea, come in and have a seat while I get everything ready. I had the pleasure of getting a couple more cups n saucers again Friday evening. Oh mentioning Friday, had a light snow storm, terrific auction for the night with lots of toys, collectibles etc and a couple of cups n saucers. Our little village is 1/2 a mile from the 401 highway, ideal for anyone travelling to Toronto or any other adjoining towns. Roughly at 3:00 their was a 60 car pileup on the 401 at the Newtonville turnoff-our little town. Traffic went by our house from 330 until 12:30 bumper to bumper-what a night. Auction was still good eventhough not many their, as  they couldn't get through the traffic that was stock on the main road. But never worry I did manage to get four cups n saucers. Which I will show one of them today.
my new cup n saucer, don't have many green, in fact I
think I only have one other

love this design, so open a good size too


the green matches the red, giving me a nice pair,
these are still my grocery roses from two weeks ago tomorrow, I've had to pull off some outside leaves, but that isn't a problem, they are in an old cranberry cruet with enamel flowers surrounding it.
the teapot is another new one from Homesense, and I'm going to enjoy a cuppa green tea
and read my Southern Lady. It's storming outside -another snowstorm to be followed with freezing rain and then it's getting mild and will be 11 on Wednesday. Go figure...

no goodies today, had cup cakes last week, then made Banana Loaf and
now have to cut back

thank you for joining me today, I will be joining all the lovely ladies at the sites listed


  1. Snow is a wonderful thing - we sure need some. I actually watered my flower garden this morning and the trees out front. Your cup and saucer are lovely!

  2. Hello Betty,
    Oh my! A 60 car pileup on the 401! I hope no one was seriously injured.
    Your two new cups are gorgeous! Wow! I know how lovely they are as I have a matching one in blue! They look beautiful in green and pink! Great find!
    Coalport is such a fine company!

  3. Wasn't that accident on the 401 terrible? My hubby was in Bowmanville Friday afternoon and headed back home to Whitby. He said it was slow going on the 401 because of the snow.

    Can I ask where you get Southern Lady? Do you buy it or have a subscription? I used to get it at Chapters but haven't seen it in a few years. Thanks!

  4. I'm so glad you weren't in the accident! I love the pattern and haven't seen it in green. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. I love that you have a pink one and a green one with the same pattern. I haven't seen that before.

  6. The red and green Coalport teacups are wonderful. I love the design! Lovely teascape. Looks like a good time to sit, have tea, and look through a favorite magazine! Happy Tea Day!

  7. Your new teacups are so pretty! My favorite is the red one. Lucky find!

  8. Hi: Your Coalport cups are just beautiful. I am so glad your husband was not involved in that accident. Have a wonderful, safe week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Hi Betty,
    Yes, that was an awful pileup! I'm so glad you weren't in it.
    Your tea today is delightful and I adore both your green and red Coalport teacups! There is a red one exactly like yours at an antique shop I visit a couple of times a year and they have that same red teacup. But they are asking seventy dollars for it. It has been there for at least four years and you would think that they would mark it down. I refuse to pay that kind of money even for such a classy teacup. Your teapot is sweet too. Wish we had a HomeSense here. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy the rest of your week.


    1. wow 70.00 dollars that's crazy, I paid 7.50 i think for the green one. He will have it for another 4 years. Have to look for the blue one now, Terri says she has it in blue. Thanks Sandi for hosting the tea, you have a good week too. God bless...

  10. Your teacups are lovely! And your flowers are still going strong! So happy to hear you missed the pile-up!
    sandy ;)

  11. Hi Betty,

    So nice to meet you! I love your cozy corner all set for tea, especially the roses, strawberries and cream in a flower!

    It's still raining here in Unionville. How I miss Crete! Tomorow's 11 should bring home a little closer!


  12. Hi Betty, that's a brilliant find. It looks like it would fit in with all kinds of beautiful transfer ware plates. Well done. :)

  13. Thank you for visiting me and for the nice the comments. We finally got a little bit of winter here in Colorado Springs. Don't know how long it will last though. It's been so dry. I am happy you were not involved in the pile up and those cups are very nice.

  14. Terri from Artful Affirmations sent me here to view your teacups because I featured a teacup of the same pattern. The green one is pretty too!Anther blogger mentioned the pattern 'Cairo' was designed as an Englishman's version of Cairo, and I can see that in these cups.