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Monday, 14 January 2013

Tuesday Tea

What a glorious weekend, the temperature was 14, snow is all gone, gets your hopes up. Now having said that, it has turned cold today, but everyday it stays warm, one less one for spring. I have been spending the last three days going through paperwork, letters, ne wspaper clippings of my MIL's. So was looking forward to sitting down today with another of MIL's two matching cups n saucers that I bought at auction,come in and join me.
tea cups and saucers are Aynsley, my sugar has green and red sparkles (cake decorations) in it to make it Christmasy
aren't the cups n saucers gorgeous?
teapot is Celebration by Royal Albert, tea today is green tea.

the roses are from flower decorations from the funeral, that have dried. Cream n sugar are also MIL's, Royal Winton

 still having trouble with pictures, using the html, but pictures pop around, disappear, takes a long time to get them on, have a lot more, in fact, while I was typing picture disappeared.
Going to try a couple more

their is my pond in the background, all thawed out, fish will be up looking around.
Going to stop while I'm ahead, this has taken over an hour.
I am joining these ladies this week for tea...
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  1. I have always loved those Aynsley cups. They came in several colors and I have loved them all! Perfect with Old Country Roses!

  2. Beautiful Ainsley cups, so unusual and pretty! Thanks for sharing..I love them!

  3. thanks ladies, finished finally, what an ordeal getting these pictures on. Have a great week and God bless...

  4. What a lovely tea setting. It is nice to see you are treating yourself well with some relaxing tea while you do what is necessary. The cups are really beautiful. Such color! You will see that there is another blogger with a cup similar.

  5. These teacups are gorgeous and they go so well with the teapot... I really need to find that teapot (for cheap of course), it stole my heart!

  6. Your mother in law had such pretty things. The red teacups are so classy. Strong in color and design so beautiful. That teapot has always been a favorite pattern. I have a teacup in it.
    The whole set up is really eye catching. I think you were so smart to put cake decorations in your sugar.
    I know you must be thinking of your mother in law when using these...

  7. Hi Betty,
    Those tea cups,in an intense pinky red, are so elegant!
    And I appreciatre the fact they're family heirlooms.
    Lucky you!
    Thanks for the lovely tea.
    Hugs from Portugal

  8. Your cups are pretty, and so is your teapot. Love the roses. Wishing you peace.
    xo Beth

  9. Lovely, The cups are beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


  10. Beautiful collection.love your tea set...thanks...:)::)

  11. Hello dear Betty,
    I took your advice and used the method you emailed me about and it takes a very long time to post, but at least I am getting the pictures on there now. It's very, very time consuming!
    I have yet to get my HOME party done and I'm not looking forward to that as it too is a lot of work and I'm typing with a sprained hand and wrist. It has not been a good week since getting home from our trip.
    The red teacup is very classy and the teapot too is lovely. I'm glad you have these treasures to admire and use for tea time. They are so special. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a lovely day.


  12. Hi Betty,
    What a beautiful tea vignette. Your Ansley teacups and saucers are a pretty color and elegant design. Love your R.A. teapot... beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  13. What beautiful and very special china from your MIL.

    I know you will treasure it forever- and the pretty red will be awesome for St. Valentine's Day, too!

    SO pretty!!

  14. Your teacups and teapot are absolutely gorgeous!

    I was having trouble with blogger also and downloaded Google Chrome and use it as my browser and haven't had any problems since then. Don't know if that's your problem or not but many others were having the same problem I was and suggested I try this and it worked!
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Your teatime setting is absolutely gorgeous... How rare to find such elegance burgundy a or red teacups...They're so very elegant and perfect for Valentines...ENJOY your day ...Hugs

  16. What pretty tea cups! And they are such a wonderful remembrance of your MIL. We have a large collection of tea cups that belonged to my hubby's mother. I'll have to do a post about them soon. Thanks for sharing:)

  17. Your teapot and 2 cups and saucers are really pretty. What wonderful thoughts an tribute to her!

  18. Your teapot and 2 cups and saucers are really pretty. What wonderful thoughts an tribute to her!

  19. Hello Betty!
    Beautiful post! The teapot and teacups are gorgeous!! Wish I had some tea in them with you. Thank yo for visiting me, sweet lady.

  20. The red and gold of your tea table is gorgeous, yes I do like your teacups! I've not seen that RA pattern on the tea pot but the shape is certainly distinguishable.