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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday tea

Welcome to my Tuesday tea, it's so dreary outside, what we need is a cup of chai tea to pick us up... Itsy bitty teenie weenie yellow bikini is playing in the background. Not related to tea, but find myself typing to the beat. Back to the tea. I don't have any autumn dishes so my chapel hill is the closest I can get. I started these dishes when I was fourteen (a long time ago-might be considered antiques). I was led to get as much white on the plate as I could-food looks better and I am thankful for that advice.

Iam still working with my iPad.  Trying to get this down pat for Ireland and england. I find the pad won't move down  properly on the page when I add pictures. So bear with me...
So come in and join me for tea. Going to stick with my theme using my bestest dishes. Join me

Iam back to my cheese and grapes. Too many sweets lately. Looking at Sandi's biscuits puts weight on me

This is my china set that my mother started me on and I have added too through the years.  Chapel 
hill by Royal Worcester. Silver edge -fluted with a jade and blue leaves. Still love it after all these years-even though jade isn't a favorite color. Also after 42 years of selling china and cups and saucers weekly we have never sold a piece of it. Doesn't say much for my taste. Still love my roses china-
sometimes we need quiet in our life, these dishes do that for me...

This teapot holds a lot of tea. Good size for company. 

Wll I had to revert back to the computer, don't know, if I do the blog while I'm away, I will have to do two pictures at a time and not sure how to add the links. I will persevere, has to be simple? But then I can't pick up a button from other bloggers, so maybe not.  Have a good week....
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  1. Hello Betty,
    I hope you can get the kinks worked out as I would love to see your photos of the UK! I have always dreamed of visiting there! When do you leave?
    Your china is lovely and it makes a pretty setting. Your cup of tea looks lovely in the cup next to the cheese and grapes. I often enjoy just that with my tea.
    I don't have any Autumn inspired china either. I did have a whole set a few years ago but I gave them away to a needy cause.
    I'm so happy to have you join me today for tea. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


  2. Hello Betty, thanks for linking to Heart & Home.
    Hope your computer woes are over soon!
    Your china setting is very pretty - my dearest friend has the same and it always looks lovely and elegant on the table.
    I'm a chai tea girl too, so I think you picked the right tea for today, lol!
    Have a blessed week..Trish

  3. I enjoyed your pictures; your china is so beautiful! And the roses are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.


  4. What a wonderful set of dishes! I love them. Very elegant! I love the tall green glass table ornaments a swell. yellow polka dot bikini, huh???? That is too cute! Thanks for sharing your lovely tea!

  5. Thank you for inviting us to tea! Your little tea table is so cute and Your china is lovely. I like the shape of your teapot. Hope you can post pictures of your England trip!

  6. Thank you for all your kind comments. Hopefully I can figure out the ipad, if not will have a lot to show when we get home. We leave october 5th, will miss Thanksgiving, which makes me sad. Again thank you, hope everyone has a great week...

  7. Hello Betty, I wish you the best with your iPad and your trip. I hope it all goes well. I know what you mean about trying to figure things out.
    Your china is lovely. What a fine pattern you picked out all those years ago! The blue pattern is very romantic looking. Your table setting looks fabulous! You even have the beautiful matching tea pot!

  8. Hi Betty .. Your china pattern truly has a calming effect... and it' perfect for our Autumn season...The table setting is lovely and a lovely retreat for figuring out the iPad... Bravo that you even have the patience ( ha Ha).. Thanks for sharing Hugs

  9. Beautiful tablescapes and teascapes. All of your china and accessories are stunning. Hugs, Marty

  10. Your tablescape is elegant, Betty! Just beautiful! I love your Chapel Hill china and what a treasure it is, to think you have been collecting it for all these years.

  11. Love the shape of your china-those fluted edges. Great candle holders really set it off.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  12. So fun to blog to music - I too find myself matching the rhythm sometimes - love this serene teapot and teacup and tablesetting! - it is marvelous to take the time to relax on days such as this - My husband has an IPad - I couldn't tell you how he manages!
    I hope you have a wonderful time,
    I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


  13. Hi Betty....sorry to drop in little late and say thank you to you.i am sujatha from crystal grandeur.thank you for stopping by and leave your comment for my posting shades of green and to follow my blog too and i will do so.your tea set is very pretty and love your candle holder.thx.love sujatha.:):)