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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tea in the Garden/pink saturday

I have a difficult time always, joining Pink Saturday, as Friday is our auction, we open for
 preview at 2:00p.m. To join Pink Friday it is 3:00 p.m. or sometimes I have done it at 11:00
p.m. So I try to have it ready, I sneak home from the auction and set it up. That is what I am
doing tonight or I guess it's morning already, good thing I stay up late.
Went shopping tonight to get supplies for the auction and it is crazy in the stores, everyone
stocking up for Canada Day, I couldn't resist these flowers and gee their pink. Their was a lot
of red and white flower baskets, but really don't need them, always need flowers for inside
 though. Going to join this with the Tea in the Garden-hope you enjoy

the vase is cranberry but looking brownish here, it's very pretty has a ruffled edge, mocking a pitcher, but not really. The book under it is Loyal She Remains, great book,

Our Canada Day will be spent at home (our church has closed for the month for holidays) relaxing and then that evening we have Music Night in the Park. The park joins our property and we started this six years ago, very successful, so it will be a happy village celebration. Everyone brings their lawnchairs and enjoy the evening.
Happy Canada Day !!!!

Stick around and enjoy my tea in the garden...

Been a busy week, but I am managing to do two blogs. My mother is in the hospital with her
heart beating to fast, they are working on getting it levelled out, but then it will go out of whack again. So I go twice a day and things at home are getting left, my weeding is behind. Which you will notice in the picture,  when I do the tea.
Welcome to my garden, I am having my tea out beside my pond.. Pond is still greeen, have had
pump issues, -always something.
I went out to get a rose and my roses are gone, from the wind during the last three days, so disappointed, three littles one left but that's it.
I feel like  Chai tea today, I do love the smell of it,

Come and join me (that's Sasha keeping watch on the tea)
I didn't notice that the flowers had separated, not having luck even with the silk ones

the vase is a fancy end of day glass, probably one of the first things I bought 40 years ago, so if it wasn't old then it sure is now. The table cloth I bought off ebay last week, very pretty with roses.

My cup n' saucer is a shelley with roses, Shelley is great to drink from, the scallops fit your
mouth just perfect. Again I am having cheese and grapes. I got home from the hospital and
haven't had anything to eat, so my lunch and my tea.

The teapot below I bought at Bowrings, the tray that I used on the weekend matches, but I couldn't find it today, searched and searched. Then I remembered this evening that I had made my daughter in law strawberry shortcakes for a ladies evening she was having and carried them over on my tray. The joys of getting old...
My setting again, with my messy flowers, had no idea.
Isn't the table cloth pretty though?

My pink rocks and the pink roses stepping stones
Below the lillies in bloom

Thank you for joining me for tea today, I will be joining


  1. I have the same teapot from Bowrings. It's so pretty and I couldn't resist buying it (even though I really didn't need another teapot!).

    Get well wishes for your mother. I hope they're able to regulate her heartbeat.

    Take care,

  2. What a lovely tea you put together. Your teapot is so pretty and also the Shelly teacup. Love your tablecloths, too! You sound just like me when I find things for blogging don't go the way I want them to! Hope your Mom will be fine. Its hard seeing them get old, mine is 92 and living in a assisted living, so I'm there as often as I can. Have a lovely evening.

  3. I Pray they get your Mother's heart issues under control. This is a lovely post and thank you for linking to Tea In the Garden! You are in my prayers!

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind remarks,and prayers, especially Berideen you are in everyones prayers for sure.
    Mom had a great day today and hopefully will be out tomorrow, heart was beating normal as long as it stays that way. Again, thank you

  5. I love this time of year when we can have tea outside. The update on your mother is promising, hope she is better soon.
    Happy Canada Day