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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rednesday & Home & Garden Thursday

Iam joining with It's a Cherry World -Rednesday today, and with Home & Garden Thursday.
This is a picture of our garage or red barn, it was the 2nd school house in our little village of Newtonville. It was old pine boards and falling apart and we had it sided, took off the pine boards and a neighbour took the pine-duh how stupid we are. Or a great neighbour... No one knows where the first school house was in the village, so I could get away with saying it's the first, no one around now to question me. But better go with the second. Their is an old school bell on top, not the original one.
The back part of our yard is used for a parking lot for the auction-hence the stop sign.

My hummingbird feeder -almost don't see him -to the right
and below, just to show you the whole feeder and he is their (or she is), just the little head showing at the left side of the feeder.

this is a little decorative feeder my daughter gave me three years ago. It is very tiny and so cute. Last year a family of birds settle in -one of the prettiest singers and turned out to be wrens. We spent our days listening and watching. Their was never any mess under the birdhouse, we have a chair sitting below it and you are safe sitting their. While the bird (I assume the female-we all know that women do all the work) the male is sitting over on another bird house (on my blue ladder), and he sits on guard and sings I think warning her, that it is safe to go in or come out. The other day their was a bluejay sitting down below and their wasn't a peep out of any of the birds. The wren is leaving here with something in her mouth??? She did this twice in a row?? any idea. My hummingbird continually goes to the red ball on top and on the bottom looking for food.

Here is the male ? sitting on the little log home, singing away...
not very good, but you can see the little dot
Here are the goldfinches feeding away,
Our weather vane? I just drew a blank on what to call it. You can sit and watch it go around for hours. Their is a little bird riding it.

Hope you enjoyed my red items for Rednesday joining Sue at suelovescherries.blogspot.ca
and joining Home and Garden Thursday at blissfulrhythm.blogspot.ca

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  1. I've had a hummingbird visiting me lately, too. Love seeing all those goldfinches at your feeders! I really enjoy birdwatching. So glad I found your blog!