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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Serena with Tea Time Thursday & Pink Saturday

I am joining Miss Spensers Tea Cup Thursday and Pink Saturday.
On Mother's Day I showed a set of dishes that I had gotten from my daughter, who didn't want them anymore. She has no where to display them, or desire to use them, so she gave them to me. The pattern is "Serena" by Royal Albert. She had 8 place settings and every accessory piece you could think of, in fact four sets of cream and sugars. But no teapot. So I went on a search, found some that had sold in Africa for thousands, that was a little farfetched. But couldn't find anything anywhere. Replacements had a small one with no lid. Finally, on kiiji there was one. It was a late notice but I quickly emailed and she got back to me a couple of days later that -yes she still had it. Told her I wanted it and would pick it up-she was outside Halifax Nova Scotia, little longer than a drive for me from Ontario. Great for Salli though in PEI. Well to make this long story a little shorter, have a friend Donna who lives in Port Maitland near Yarmouth Nova Scotia, and was coming to Ontario for a birthday party and she said she would love to pick up the dishes for me. Wonderful, so I got 8 more place settings , platter, teapot, another different cream and sugar, and gravy boat and tray for 150.00-so excited-she delivered them safe and sound Tuesday morning and have it set up. Thank you Donna... Now with my daughters set she had soup cups with the two handles and a saucer, so elegant. With the new set, their is normal big bowls and small fruit bowls. Enough-must show you...
here is the set that I had before with the teapot and the new cream and sugar added. My napkins are shaped like a rose placed in the soup cup.
My pink satin glass rose bowls, behind the teapot with a peony, such a wonderful time of the year, with roses and peonies, problem is they don't last long.

So, pretty, this cream and sugar is completely different than the other four. The new teacups are different than the older ones. The new one on the right with the roses on the outside and also a different shape and the saucer is a little larger, just a fraction...

                 Below is the new cream and sugar, it has a lid for the sugar, below it are the others...

The set above has an oval shape to the two pieces, but looking here, the sugar doesn't have the flowers on the outside, so maynot be the match. Below is another set, round and smaller

This set is very tiny and dainty

                            This little creamer is even smaller, the sugar got broken in transport.
this is the new set with the gravy boat and the saucer in the front

Now I just need to have a party or a tea to use them all...

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure, it was pretty exciting, especially the hunt for the teapot, and then all the other pieces thrown in. Have a great tea time Thursday and a beautiful Pink Saturday....

I am joining Miss Spensers Tea Thursday at missspensersblog.blogspot.ca 

Congratulations to Sandi at sandimyyellowdoor.blogspot.ca for being featured in Romantic Homes-so deserving...


  1. How wonderful for you to get such a large set! Serena is very difficult to find because it was made for such a short time. It's one of my favorite patterns, although I don't get it often. Happy PS!

  2. Beautiful teapot! and I think i love just about any china piece with pink roses. HPS.

  3. What a lovely tea set. I enjoyed visiting and the pleasure of seeing it.

  4. Gorgeous!

    My PINK, have a nice weekend.

  5. I came by to visit from Pink Saturday. Love your tea pot! Come by and visit me! Penny

  6. Saw you have joined Teacup Thursday...very pretty set! You do need to have a tea party now.

  7. A beautiful setting, so hard to find here and so expensive. You are very lucky. It is one of my very favourites I have always admired. x

  8. that is one gorgeous set....so cottagy and pink and wonderful! You must show us how to make a rose napkin....I love that. HPS

  9. Hello Betty,
    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous set! I LOVE it and you must share it with Tea Time Tuesday! You have so many beautiful pieces and what a pretty table it sets. I love pink and cottage and this set has it all. Thank you for making the announcement about my magazine feature as well as your visit and very sweet comment about it. I appreciate it and you very much! Hope you're having a delightful weekend, my friend, and Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. Oh my, your dishes are absolutely beautiful! So glad you found a teapot - I love it! I found you through Pink Saturday and I'm your newest follower.
    Hugs, Cindy @Art,Books,Tea

  11. Wonderful dishes ,bet the tea is great.
    Have a happy PS

  12. Hi Betty. I just found your blog yesterday and have really enjoyed reading through your posts.

    We're practically neighbours as I noticed you live in Newtonville and I live in Whitby. Newtonville is a pretty village and your home is just beautiful!

    We seem to have quite a bit in common as I love tea, visiting tearooms (I've been to that same tearoom in Port Hope that you posted about), gardening, decorating my home and have a weakness for dishes. It also looks like you have a Sheltie. We have one as well who is quite spoiled. :o)

    I've really enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back again. Please stop by my blog if you get a chance and say hello.


  13. This is one of my favorite patterns. It is so old fashioned rosy. In fact, I had to get up and go look in my secretary and there prominently displayed is my Serena cup and saucer.
    How lucky you are to have that whole set. What a great story on how you got all the rest. It made for a beautiful and feminine tea party. I sure love the way you made the rose napkins. Utterly charming. Every bit of it.
    Cheers, Ruthie at :http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/
    Come on over and visit us.
    (love your chintz border too) :)

  14. I love this pattern. I have a cup and saucer in the Serena pattern but you have an entire set and it is beautiful! I loved hearing the story of how you acquired the teapot. It is such a beautiful pattern. Thank you so much for stopping by so I could find you. It has been such a pleasure reading your posts.
    I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.

  15. Betty, I don't know why I said "so I could find you"! You and I have commented before and I remember your beautiful rose! I couldn't even see the brown spot you were talking about and they appear on all roses(especially the English roses)when they get damp. I have had more than my share, believe me. Your rose was gorgeous!!! And so is your Serena pattern set! Have a lovely weekend.