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Monday, 20 August 2012

Tea time Tuesday

Welcome to my tea today. I was going to use my Serena pieces for tea, but then got thinking Sandi is looking for the teacup and saucer, so won't use it, didn't want to rub it in. I was actually going to send her a cup n ' saucer. Don't need to now, but my intentions are good.
Sandi wonders how many cups n saucers we have. I must count too. An auctioneer friend was telling hubby that his wife was checking out a website of a lady in London Ontario who has over a thousand cups n' saucers. When I get off here going to look for them.
I have mentioned that at auctions tea cups don't sell anymore. If they are non-named brands we tray them and they go for two to six dollars. Better names-Aynsley/Royal Abert/Wedgewood/Copeland etc. they bring a little bit of money, even Shelley doesnt bring the high money anymore. Really sad, I do hope it turns around.
Enough of the small talk, lets have a cuppa

another new teapot, not as nice as last weeks, but still pretty. This I could use everyday and not worry about it breaking. Roses, never enough roses.

A Sadler, see the sticker is still half on the bottom

Finally my roses are back again, although not as many as some of you have,  but should have some for the next couple of weeks.

Going to use some of my Shelley Cup n saucers, have a set of two cups/saucers and cream n sugar, but going to use a different cup n saucer that is very similar. So pretty with pink trimming on the lip and saucer edge and the pink handle. Love it...

My handsome grandson Damane joining me for tea again. It's the treats he wants.

this one is trimmed with gold, and a pink handle, but so close to the other that is called
Rose & Red

the creamer has a little rose on the spout and the creamer below has the
rose on the inside of the lip

here is the other cup n saucer that matches, one has the name on the
bottom and the other just Shelley and the number

sharing my gold fish with you, lots of little black babies, gold fish and my one Koi at the top of the picture-yellow one. Had five but the heron got the four, lovely bird...

Went to homesense today and they had these chairs - I love them, the backs are pink and grey striped material. If I only had room. They are so cheerful, the walls in my living room are grey, and I love pink. Have to share this with Pink Saturday, I'm ready already.

Now Sandi I love Lady Carlyle that is the cup n saucer that I think of right now off the top of my head.
 Iam joining these posts for tea today and the rest of the week. Thank you for stopping by, I enjoyed your visit...
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  1. What a beautiful teaset. The setting is also very pretty and nice that your grandson joins you. Precious moments! I love the graceful lines of the cup and tespot....Christine

  2. Oh, Betty, your Shelley teacups are lovely! It is a shame that folks don't enjoy teacups any longer, isn't it? Even when I have company, the majority of guests want to use a mug! But when I have a tea party, I insist on bringing out my teacups.
    What a wonderful sport your grandson is to sip tea from a dainty cup!
    I don't expect to find the other Serena any time soon as the Island does not have a great supply of teacups, antique or otherwise.
    Thank you for joining me for tea today. I always enjoy having you.


  3. Hi Betty!
    I love your pretty teacups and teapot. There is nothing prettier than a Shelley teacup.
    have a nice week.

  4. Betty, What a lovely tea set, I'm so in love with the shape of the lip of the teacup.And who can say no to roses. So happy you have them now blooming in your garden. And what beautiful photo's of your garden! It's a joy to have someone over for tea, and of course the added bonus of sweeties.If only we had time for tea everyday! Yx

  5. LOVE your Shelley!

    And there isn't much cuter than your manly grandsome sipping tea like a real trooper- I mean, is that cute or WHAT?!?

    You have lovely taste and your tea is marvelous.

    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  6. Hello Betty,
    I am loving both your tea pot and your tea cup. Both very fine manufacturers too. I adore the Shelley pattern. What a romantic table you set out side. Gorgeous.

  7. What a lovely tea party and I just love the picture of your grandson sipping tea - it is priceless!

  8. Hello Betty,
    thanks for linking to Heart & Home.
    Your Shelley cups are so pretty and delicate!
    I love the one with the pink trim on the handle and rim.
    Your grandson looks like a fun guest for your lovely tea :-)
    I'm astounded to read that one woman has a thousand tea cups - how could she ever remember what they all look like!lol!
    Have a blessed day..Trish

  9. What a pretty tea cup and equallt pretty tea pot!!

    And Heaven bless your grandson coming to have tea!!


  10. Hi Betty,
    Pretty tea cups.I like the shape of them.
    have a good weekBarb from Australia

  11. Your Shelley cups are just exquisite. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  12. Hi Betty: I love your tea-cups and love the fact that your grandson will take tea with you. I think mine might (if none of his friends were looking). Thank you for your lovely comments on my kitchen. I appreciate hearing from you..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  13. What a lovely post...especially since your hands-on , grandson joined you for tea... What a nice young man. I did smile at his large fingers holding the dainty handle of the cup ... the essence of a true gentleman in that picture ( ha ha)... You Shelley teasers are gorgeous... I love that fluted edge... Thanks for sharing .... Hugs

  14. It is a shame that so many things just don't get the good prices at auction anymore. Your tea cups are very pretty and what a pleasure to see that strapping handsome grandson drinking tea out of a pink cup. Who cares if he really only wants the treats!!!! LOL

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  16. I saw a teapot, cream and sugar like to top photo at the Brass Armadillo in Denver for $35.00 on Friday. Isn't it amazing how we all are collecting something....