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Monday, 18 June 2012

Midnight Summer Tea

Welcome to my Midnight summer savour tea, I am joining Sandi, Martha & Terri. But I'm going to be good and stay away from Sandi's goodies, and have some grapes and cheese. Also, it's past midnight and that means it's about three at Sandi's she should be fast asleep. This little set is an ideal midnight size. I am having it on an oval marble table in our room. Frogs are croaking, fan is running lightly, doors are all open, one of those beautiful nights-God is good...

I'am using a chintz smaller tea set. The table cloth I will show at a later date, each corner has a different colour of embroidery work, very pretty. Also, in picture above is a double side salt and pepper shaker, that matches the teapot, creamer and tiny tea cup.

I do love chintz, this teapot is Lord Nelson, my rose is Abraham Darby, I think Old fashioned?, old something, I was asked a couple of weeks ago what it was, and I have checked and by the time I get inside and get the computer started I forget.

My Romantic Home magazine is last months, I still haven't found one for this month and have missed the article on Sandi, I can't believe it. Our local store got a new owner and he cancelled the magazine order for the day that I believe it came in, have been all over and can't find one. Unless, we are really behind in Ontario and it's coming out this week. I can only hope.

I had mentioned above the set is Lord Nelson Ware and the pattern is "Rose Time"

 The tea is spice Chai, i just love the smell, now I must say, this little cup is very hard to drink from. I see Martha at Martha's favorites had the same set only full size and I wonder how it was. The lip turns in, very uncomfortable and hard not to drip.
 the little dish is Royal Albert and no pattern name on it. I use it for earrings, and bracelets.

the tray is just a cheap plastic one I bought for summer time, but it has been ideal for my teas alone, I don't have a lot to carry and it is pretty with the roses.
the chintz dish is by Royal Winton and the pattern is "Sunshine"
well it's getting bed time and also getting hot, we are in for some hot weather in the next couple of days, so might be into the ice tea. Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a cup of tea, I did manage to get 5 very small cups out of the tiny teapot and I do love the daintiness of it... Stop by again, and I so look forward to any comments
I'am joining Sandi's savoury summer tea
martha at  Tea Cup Tuesday


  1. Good morning Betty,
    If you live in Ontario, then I'm only an hour ahead of you as I live on PEI. When you were posting this, yes, I probably was snoozing!
    I love your chintz set! Chintz anything makes my heart go pitter pat. I think the cup would be hard to sip from but it is very pretty. Cheese and grapes sound good to me and are tasty with a cup of tea. Thank you, my friend, for coming to my party and have a beautiful day.


  2. Your chintz tea set is lovely and different. Cheese and grapes sound perfect to me! Happy Tea Day!

  3. Beautiful tea. I love chintz. In fact if I can get off of this computer, I'm going to try and buy a chintz teacup and saucer I saw last week at an Antique mall. Oh I hope it's still there. thank you for sharing.

  4. Your tea set is just lovely. I also love cheese and grapes or apples or pears. I never thought to have them for tea but will try it now.

    It's too bad you can't find Romantic Homes. I buy mine at either Chapters at Oshawa Centre or here in Whitby at the magazine store in the Whitby Mall. I know these stores aren't really close to you but I do know they carry Romantic Homes as well as Tea Magazine,Victoria, and Romantic Country so you could always stock up if you do shop at either store. :o)

    Aren't we in for some very hot and humid weather over the next few days?! I'm hold up inside with the air on. :o)

    Have a blessed day,

  5. What a lovely post! I love the chintz stacking teapot! The rose is beautiful. An old fashioned one...I love those! Thans for sharing your midnight tea and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Hi,
    I love tea and beautiful roses are my passion. I love to have tea with fruit and shortbread cookies. Wonderful Slow Me Down Time... I'm a new follower.

  7. Oh, your chintz tea set is absolutely marvelous! I love the color. You set a very nice table. I love cheese and grape together. Beautiful flavor. I love your salt and pepper shaker! I haven't seen one like that before. Very cleaver!! I can't wait to see the rest of your table cloth. From what you have just shown looks very interesting. Lots of detailed work.
    Your tea party was FABULOUS!
    Now I'm a new follower.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I am so happy you have become a regular Tea Cup Tuesday partier! I love the Chintz tea pot. It is my favorite design of all time. Your table is beautiful. I look forward to what you are going to share with us next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. This is a beautiful set! I just adore the chintz :)

  10. Hello Betty,
    Your tea is beautiful! Oh and I love your Lord Nelson set! I did see Martha had or has it on her website, and I adore it! I can see how tiny your cup is and how the lip turns in...still, it is a gorgeous set! This is my favorite chinzy pattern.

  11. This is so much fun! I am just getting started into these delightful summer tea parties. I will be looking forward to future events! You can join my tea party at Http://pamelasopenwindow.blogspot.com ! Come on over! I am entertaining "strangers and angels unaware!"

  12. Hi Betty,
    What a darling tea for yourself! I love your tea for one set and can't wait to see more of your precious tablecloth. Happy weekend to you.

  13. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for stopping by again and I'm so happy you found the magazine. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.