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Tea Cozie Cottage
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tea Cozie Cottage

Well going to try this again, did it already and wiped it away.
Happy spring day, my mil would have been 92 today, strange not to have her here, 630 p.m. right now and the sun is shining, is that a good sign, I do hope so.

Found this advertisement for these dishes today, stored away, I ordered them in 1998' almost an antique - like me

Come and join me for tea today, ignore the snow outside window, forget that on the weekend it was all gone.
I'm late this week or maybe I'm early for next, we spent the weekend in the city, tried to have tea at the Royal York in Toronto but they are booked five weeks in advance.
I'm serving the tea on a server that we have had for years, top lifts up for hot foods and it is on casters, very nice piece.
One of my favourite colours is purple, but had no teapot in that colour. So found one on ebay and ended up getting three, violets, and pansies. And only have one cup n saucer in the same colour, lots of pinks, blues, one purple- go figure.

Bernideen has one that I so admire , but loving this one, makes me feel like spring on the inside anyways -inside of house.
Have 6 of these plates, no marking on the back, it is very fragile, almost like paper, got them back in the 80's, the little china mug could almost be a tea cup missing a saucer, but don't think so. Not purple but has violets in the background.
Making rabbit ear nApkins for Easter, have to improve on this one, needs an iron.
Enjoying theCharms of Tea, recipes makes you hungry...
My only tea cup and saucer, the edges remind you of a Shelley, but it's a Royal Albert, so dainty
In fact it's called "dainty Dina series"

Have had this dainty little jug for years too, the flowers on top all match.

Our tea today is a green tea and having banana bread for out treat.

Make the banana bread in small loaves - psychological - I think I'm not eating as much - yeh right...
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  1. OH SO MANY beautiful things Betty! I hope you will be linking to Friends Sharing Tea. I love all your pieces! I agree-ignore the snow!

  2. OMG!..such beautiful china and everything else as well. Spring is there, in the US I can see it, soon they'll be not a drop of snow! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful post! Love the violets and the banana bread!

  4. The Charm Of Tea is one of my favourite tea books. Isn't it lovely?! All your dishes are so pretty as is the colour. Purple has become one of my favourite colours too.

  5. Oooo love the violets! And well banana bread is one of my favorites! Very pretty post!

  6. Hi Betty,
    Your violet inspired tea setting is beautiful! I love your pretty teapot and R.A. teacup. Your banana bread looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful post! I love the violet theme. Your tea cup is gorgeous! As well as your other china. Everything looks so pretty. The tea pot too is amazing. I am sure you enjoy all these treasures. I love banana bread. It has been far too long since I made any. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Betty,
    I LOVE, love, love, the Burleigh china! My cousin gifted me with three teacups and three B&B plates, as well as three salad plates. Would love to find a teapot. Your other china is lovely too. The violets teacup is gorgeous and very dainty. Such a pretty setting! Thank you for joining me for tea at my HOME and Happy Spring, my friend.


  9. My internet has been acting up too. Purples all shades my favorite as well. I'd even get through the snow for banana bread and tea :) yours looks delicious ! Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. Can I say I just love everything. I am collecting the violet set, and first time I saw the teapot here, my heart skipped a beat. lol I love the shoe, and plates. Happy Pink Saturday

  11. Just all is lovely had to go back and look again

  12. Beautiful! I think everyone you know has an idea of what you "need" for gifts now ~ purple tea cups and saucers! I hope all that snow goes away so you can enjoy have a tea outside as well but, in the meantime, the banana bread looks delicious.
    Have a lovely weekend,