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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ireland/England teas

Home from our amazing trip, visited 5 different family members, B&B, travelled from one en of Ireland, and England same, so enjoyed it. Our third time and we will be back...
Disappointed with the tea rooms, I guess you would say they are all commercialized, our tea blogs are better. But then having said that- I loved them. Below our first tea room

this was in Kinsale, Ireland, Garden Gift Shop and Tea Room, so excited-closed until the Friday, we were flying to England on the Thursday...
Friday at Ripon England
called Chimes

it was delicious, a scone, with clotted cream and jam

below tea with a cousin who I had met online,
china cups n saucers, delicious treats and great family
in Walton-upon-Trent
a perfect tea, day all around

Oatland Park Hotel, in Weybridge, Surrey, England
drapes were out of this world, the whole place is amazing,
we stopped in to have a cup of tea, while we were waiting to meet
another cousin
we were too early for high tea, but this tea
was grand, cream of asparagus soup and
tea, I loved these teapots and was going to
try and find them-I know not flowerey,
but their was something about them, that I liked.
I guess the shape

Frank saying grace,

following this, we had a beautiful tea and cookies with
another online cousin, but no pictures, Earl Grey tea leaves in Royal Albert teacups.
From here we headed to Bath looking for Sally Lunn tea room. Sally Lunn is mentioned in the Great Tea Rooms of Britain by Bruce Richardson, which I had read from one end to another. We passed the Tollgate tea room that I have featured before and we were there, four years ago.
We arrived in Bath, parked our car and went on a big walk, found the tea room
very charming, packed, you had to wait to get in, and very old

guess what? forgot to take a picture of my scones, jam and cream. Frank had soup and the Sally Lunn famous bun, followed by pie and ice cream. Our tea was Earl Grey tea leaves, it was delicious, but not what I was expecting. Tea pots were stainless and realize with the crowd they have, they have to go that way...

what a gorgeous city Bath is.

when we got back to our car, we had a 25 pound fine on the window, that was
an expensive cup of tea...
On to Marlborough, another tea room suggested by Bruce Richardson...
to the Polly Tea Rooms
teapot on a shelf

Frank had a plate of ham and different cheeses, looked great and he said it was

I naturally had a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, it also was good,

the atmosphere was relaxing, didn't feel like we had to move along. All around the room, their was teapots, and different china pieces...

this is the end of our tea room excursions. Have to thank Frank, he drove me around and sampled all the teas and desserts with me, but then he likes to eat like I do.
Need to get home and stop eating these scones-back to the Atkins.
Going to finish up with my last tea in the garden,  today was a glorious day,
sun shining, leaves are breathtaking, so glad they hadn't all fallen off before we got home from England, join me for a cuppa
such a pretty delicate tea cup n saucer, with the white rose inside

a Paragon, beige color, which Iam not fond of, but do like this one,
below is a Royal Albert Teapot, I got a couple of months ago, I have shown it before

no more scones for awhile

this teacup I also love, soft pink, no roses, but dainty and elegant.
I love them all

I did buy a couple of tea cozys while in Ireland,
keeping my green tea, nice and hot

so pretty, you can see the white rose, through the tea.
below is my Japanese maple, such a pretty colour

Finally finished, thank you for travelling along with us through, Ireland and England, I do have to go back and take in the other tea rooms, or maybe we should to the Great Tea Rooms of America, it would be cheaper...
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  1. I really enjoyed this post..right to the end when I spied that lovely crocheted table topper.
    Just gorgeous.

  2. I loved your post. I've been to Sally Lunn's and Marlborough as well. There is just something about English tea! The last time we were there there were cute tea shops all over and now, not so much. But we did manage to stop for a cup of tea almost every day. (and cake or scones . . . and the clotted cream -- sigh!)

    Love your tea cups!

    And you set a pretty tea table.

    1. Yes I agree there were more tea rooms even four years ago. We also had tea every day and all the rest....that's a big sigh..

  3. Hi Betty,
    Welcome home! You had quite the adventure across the pond. I'm so glad you shared your tea experiences with us. Would love to go sometime!
    I love your pink teapot and the teacups today are lovely! I like the cream coloured one with the rose inside. It is different and nice for a change. The Aynsley is beautiful too. Love your new tea cozie! Thank you for coming to tea and have a beautiful day.


  4. Hi Betty, What a neat trip! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the Paragon teacup. It is so beautiful and unusual too. Your teapot is pretty too.

  5. Your trip to Ireland and England was so beautiful! My favorite tearoom china was Walton on Trent. The green pattern looked so familiar with the lovely teapot! The only problem was I just needed to sit down in each tearoom with the delicious tea treats.
    Glad you enjoyed your family and the Sally Lunn tea experience was the same during our visit! Thanks for taking us on your trip!

    Thanks, Pam

    1. So right her china was beautiful and I so enjoyed the china teacups- had three cups..it was a royal Albert set..

  6. What a lovely trip! I have visited Kinsale several times and had some nice teas. The Sally Lunn is a favorite in Bath...I have blogged about it previously. How wonderful you were able to connect with family! What a wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing your travels with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. You lucky girl, traveling Great Britain! I know you must have loved every minute of it! I had the same thought about the tea rooms. Some of them are too commercial and miss the ambiance and quality one might expect. I have been to Polly's Tea room and thought it was an excellent breakfast restaurant. But not a cozy tea room. The one I went to was in Salisbury (now closed). I haven't been to Sally Lunn, but was in Bath. Did you like that one? Now and then we would find a truly English tea room. They are divine!

    1. You are so right, missing the cozy tea rooms, even though they were wonderful..we went by tollgate and had stopped there four years ago and it is that way-the chine is all blue and white Staffordshire type...
      The Sally Lunn was wonderful-really old(but you know seriously I think in canada they would be on them-with all their unsafe steps.-nothing was even) wouldn't have missed it though for the world. Now I'm working on getting all that clotted cream off....

  8. Oh what a wonderful tour you just took us on!

    Lucky lady- what an awesome trip for you! And to meet up with real family too, how memorable and precious.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I feel as though I went with you!

  9. I loved the tour. This is on my bucket list, maybe someday. Great pics. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. It sounds like a fabulous trip! And being able to combine the tea rooms with family members make it even more special! Thank you for sharing your journey!
    sandy ;)

  11. Oh, what joy! Such a lovely post and nice photos! Frank sounds like a great guy. How nice that you got to share tea and Devon Cream with family. (loved the photo of saying Grace!) Everything looks so charming. The teacozy was pretty and the dishes look elegant. Thx for sharing glimpses of your tea times with us :)

  12. Welcome home. A bit jealous of your wonderful trip-good for you and thanks for sharing. Ah, I can't wait to return.
    ~Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  13. Hello Betty, thanks for linking to Heart & Home.
    You certainly had a wonderful adventure in Britain!
    Lovely tearooms and delicious menus set in such interesting old places.
    It's wonderful that you found a cousin on-line and were able to meet her!
    Your paragon cup is beautiful and so is the tea cozy!Such a nice post to read with my cuppa :-)

  14. Oh what great adventure - I love it all! What a wonderful opportunity! I hope you linked this at my Friends Sharing Tea (Tea In the Garden is over for till next spring)


  15. What a dream trip you had! All those tearooms you visited! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. Your tea today is so lovely and your new teapot is so pretty. I love seeing your flower in the bottom of your teacup! Glad you are home safe and sound.

  16. Hello Betty... I enjoyed visiting the tea rooms with you and Frank. I looks like you had a wonderful trip.I liked the white sculptural shaped teapot,too.
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia

  17. Oh, this is wonderful! It's my dream to one day visit England and Ireland. Thanks so much for sharing. I did a post yesterday about a friend of mine who is from England but now lives in Michigan. She would love this post! If you have a chance, visit my blog - there is a link to her blog there.

  18. Going to these beautiful countries is on my Bucket List. :))
    and, I just ADORE teas....:)

  19. What a wonderful time! I love your post today. That Aynsley tea cup is just stunning. Blessings, Martha

  20. What a beautiful post my sweet friend. I'd love to someday go to Ireland, I always had a thing for it and looking at your gorgeous images of it, the more I'd love to take that trip. The teacup is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing and for your lovely and kind visit..you made my day!
    Big hugs,

  21. Of all the places in the world I'd like to go, Ireland is at the very top. I've heard it is just breathtaking there.
    So glad you had such a great time...and, oh, my, all those awesome teas....Thanks for sharing your good time with us.
    xo bj

  22. Hello,
    that was a wonderful tour. I love the first tea room especially. What a nice and cozy place to have tea. I would be exited to be there. Your tour was indeed very interesting and many nice things to see. Thank you for sharing your trip. I hope your Mom will feel well at her new home.
    Best greetings, Johanna