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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tea time Tuesday

Had a great tea yesterday, with Serena. Fudge from our local fair and butter tart. Got a new iPad so took pictures of the tea with it. In the meantime I had downloaded pictures from my computer to this new iPad - not realizing how many I had 9205 in all. They go back to 2000 and covered weekly auctions that I had taken pictures for the website. As well as weekly grandkid pictures. So here I was with all these pictures on Facebook, no big deal I would just erase what I didn't want-NOPE- NOT-ipad3 doesn't allow deleting of pictures if they have been synced from your computer. I was sick 3/4 of my space taken up with silly pictures that I didn't want...like teapots and cups n saucers.  So I stewed and stewed about it all day and decided to restore the iPad back to what it was on Sat. when I bought it-so lost my pictures. But I do have some today - minus the tea.

Now I put this on with my Ipad and I can't get the pictures off it. Doesn't open. So I'm typing now on my computer, but the pictures aren't here. Sorry will get this figured out.
We are going to Ireland and England the first of October, so I got this Ipad so I didn't have to carry a heavy computer and could keep up with my blog and plan on visiting tea rooms over there.

I am using the two different Serena's again, I can't decide which one I like the best, the roses on the outside of the teacup or inside.  
I managed to have these pictures taken with my phone,   before I went outside to the garden, but that's it for the pictures.  It was a good tea and the fudge was great. Our weather is simply wonderful, today was so comfortable, the next two days are to be hot, which will be great...

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  1. Technology, supposed to be a good thing, and I too feel many days it is not-so-much!

    Well I love the pic you shared with us.

    Happy Tea Tuesday!!

  2. Hi: Beautiful post today. Have a wonderful time on your trip. I just love the rose shape napkins. Blessings, Martha

  3. Hello again Betty,
    I love your Serena! It is such a pretty pattern! Your rose napkins are lovely too. Thanks for joining me today and have a lovely week.


  4. Greeting Betty .. " Serena" is such a beautiful pattern. You've picked the most perfect napkins too... Thanks for sharing ... ENJOY your trip...hugs

  5. Lovely photos! What a great idea to have a new Ipad but I am so sorry about your photos. The Royal Albert teapot and cups and saucers is so so pretty. I like both styles of cups. You must love chintz like I do. Have a great trip and take lots of photos to share with us.

    Thanks, Pam

  6. Oh, the trouble these little computers can bring! I hope you can get it all figured out so that you find it easy on your trip. Lucky you to be going on your trip soon! I hope it is fabulous.
    Your china here is so pretty. I don't know which shape cup I like either. They are both so nice.

  7. I dearly love RA Serena. Pure eye candy, and your photos are great! I lost 6 years of photos on a laptop (my travel laptop) crash. I still grieve! I just got back from holiday and I hope you enjoy yours as much as we did ours. It's lovely to travel and see new things! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. Hi there! I happened to come across your blog and found it to be quite lovely. Your teacup pictures are beautiful and making roses out of the cloth napkins is a fantastic idea!
    Anyway, I am gladly going to become a follower and will enjoy your future posts.

    Blessings to you,