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Monday, 17 February 2014

80th birthday high tea celebration

Welcome ladies to a tea celebration for my mother who has turned 80.

Big day coming, my mother was going to turn 80 and she wanted a special birthday. So I was given a list of names she wanted, under it- it said fancy sandwiches, goodies and tea. So when you turn 80, you can have what you want

List had 28 women, where to have it, my dining room is huge, but not that large, so got looking at our family room and figured sure- why not. Would set up individual tables for four women and have the tea at my house. We are in the auction business, so we move furniture like some people ? Watch tv... So a week ago had grandson move three canteen tables to ur family room. I had already taken the chesterfield and tip urged it around backwards up tight to wall and put a chesterfield table behind it sitting in the middle of the room and now it was time to start to work.

Had to play around with table cloths over and over. This one I front my grandmother did over 80 years ago, it was bigger and she had cut part of down. No idea where the other part went, but this is so precious.

My valentine roses.

Tea was to be 1:00 p.m Sunday, these pictures were taken 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. When I was ready to go to bed. Boy was I ready...




Theme was roses, serviettes were to be roses

These are royal Winton plates that frank and I made into three layered stand.

This three tiered plate stand is another one we made.


This table was for two.

Strawberries with mascarpone cheese and white chocolate.

Honey butter, great with scones

The big day has arrived, I had hired a tea room to do me sandwiches and scones. I made peanut butter/banana rolled, cream cheese, strawberries with white chocolate and mini cupcakes. The butter, clotted cream. That was enough.

Sister-in-law of the birthday girl

This is the birthday girl, doesn't look 80, does she? Me below

Check the goodies

Daughter-in-law Billi and almost daughter Donna serving tea.

Posing in my messy kitchen

Didn't do a cake, but mini cup cakes. Daughter Tara serving grandmother.


Daughter Tricia

Sister and niece and great niece of birthday girl...

Good friend Cheryl.

Put little flowers on sugar cubes and the flowers floated.

Should have taken a picture of the mess after, still putting away dishes. It was a great day, out of the 28 women invited 2o showed. Piles of food left over, have to remember next time that women especially moms age don't have the appetite of me. What a great day it was, something my mother will never forget and such an honour for me to do it for her.

God bless



  1. I had the same experience Betty. I think the ladies are nervous which is silly - but don't get much. I had little bags so they could take things home which helped. Your room looks quite large and so does your house which really helped. The tables are really lovely and I hope you get some extra sleep now! I'm sure this was a tremendous memory! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I should have said "don't eat much"!

  3. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe your mother is 80!!! She doesn't look anywhere near that age. Truly! You tell her that.
    What a good daughter you are. You made such a beautiful party. I guess it helps to be in the auction business. haha. You did a marvelous job of making everything so special. I bet she was tickled pink!
    You have good genes. :) Ruthie

  4. What a splendid tea party you hosted for your lovely mother, Betty! Everything looks fabulous, the food, the china, and the guests. Your mother is a beautiful lady and wish her Happy Birthday for me, please. So happy you shared this with us and have a lovely day.