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Monday, 5 August 2013

My ASCP Tea Wagon

Welcome to my tea, haven't been on for awhile, although I have been checking everyone out. Been busy painting furniture and not sure what, just busy. We have had a beautiful weekend- a little on the cold side but great for working in the yard.
A couple of weeks ago we attended a yard sale and I bought a tray for a tea wagon

Cost me seven dollars, took it home and took the glass off and painted it a soft pink - I think Antoinette, ASCP great for my tea wagon I bought last year.
When I got the tea wagon home one of the large wheels was broken. On ebay I could buy wheels for 75.00 but not worth it, so I had hubby cut the uneven legs ( for the wheels) same as the other two.

I used ASCP old white, this is my before picture, I forgot to take them.
Got it finished and going to have a little tea

Come and join me

Cups and saucers are Shelley, as is the cream n sugar.
Having the tea in my work shop, which is an old school house, raining out, so makes a perfect spot
the two little dishes are Bridal Wreath, I got a huge stack at auction last week, it's a pattern that isn't that popular anymore, now saying that most dishes aren't popular at all. Things have changed in the auction business.

Teapot is New Country Roses by Royal Albert, love it, especially the soft pink to match my tray.
Did a little distressing but not really a lot, to me a tea wagon is a luxury and would be
really looked after and only used on special teas, so would be in good shape. But then saying that it should be used all the time so maybe it would be well worn, oh well didnt do it, couldn't bring myself to. It just didnt call for it.
Hydrangea is in a satin cranberry glass, sorry about the bike in the background.
bought little wheels from Home Depot.

Rough looking spot on the wing here and I have since resanded and waxed it.
Love the pink tray and the white of the tea wagon
Thankyou for joining me today and we will be joining
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  1. That Royal Albert tea pot is so pretty. You've done a good job with that tea trolley. Everything looks so pretty.

    Have a great week.


  2. You created something beautiful out of nothing... really enjoyed your post!

  3. What a great tea party. The tray is really a great find. And I have such a soft spot for Royal Albert that I could only fall in love with your pictures.

  4. Love this idea!! The tray came out so charming and the tea wagon is to die for as is the tea cups and tea pot!!

    Beautiful post!!


  5. I love your pretty tea cart and new tray- awesome, and you did a fabulous job with your painting and restoring!

    I LOVE your china - esp your RA teapot, that is one of my favorites.

  6. What a terrific cart - glad you will be sharing it at Tea In The Garden!

  7. What a great tea cart! The pink color you chose for the tea tray looks great on the white cart. I love, love, LOVE your Shelley China,(of course, Shelley is my favorite!).

  8. It is gorgeous, I love the pretty scalloped detail of the leaves, beautiful display also. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. You did an amazing job! The whole thing is beautiful. I love the colors you used and the beautiful tea cups and tea pot you added. They look perfect together. Talented and lucky! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  10. What a beautiful teacart! Your lovely tea set looks right at home on it. So pretty!

  11. The tea tray turned out great! I love the pink! I'm a new follower!

  12. That is an amazing tray! Love the lines and the shape - in pink it is divine - your vignette is beautiful! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  13. Good morning, Betty, I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,
    Have a wonderful week,

  14. I love those cups and saucers. So beautiful indeed.
    Have a great day. lencilicious of Scoop and Snap

  15. Dear Betty,
    What a special piece you turned that table into. It is charming and looks so great with your wonderful pink tray on it. The china is so beatuiful too. Love pinks, and flowers and feminine china like your Shelley and Bridal Wreath. A joy to behold.
    Best, Ruthie from Lady B's TIme for Tea

  16. Beautiful teascape and I love your cart. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty