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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Chintzy Tea

Finally, warm weather. Been busy getting flower beds cleaned up, making a new waterfall, getting ready for a wedding rehearsal party and finishing the bridal bouquet. Missed tea last week and bothered me all week. So today my tea is on my new tea wagon, next week should be outside.
Teapot is Chintz pattern is Marina by Lord Nelson, got at an auction.
the tray on the tea wagon is so pretty have a ivory and pink doilie under it

cup n saucer matches same pattern
salt n pepper is also Lord Nelson, nothing to do with the tea,
just enjoy it and never get to use it, not quite the same pattern either

 the cupcake is one of the samples from the wedding samples
that daughter-in-law was tasting. This one didn't win, pretty but
the others have petals and are really pretty.
the rose is also a sample we are using in the flower pieces for
the church, there will be lots of pictures in two weeks.
The cupcake is sitting on a chintz Royal Winton
pattern is summertime, one of my favourites.

going to show the wedding bouquet as know one on
here will be at wedding, don't show the groom

doesn't show up so well

in the vase under the cloche

made out of broaches, very glamorous and very fitting for the bride.

Thank you for joining me for tea today, hope you enjoyed your visit,
drop a line and come again

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  1. Oh what a beauty!!! What a great thing to be the owners of an auction house and be there to bid on this! Just lovely and thanks for sharing with "Friends Sharing Tea".

  2. Love all your chintz! It is special, isn't it!

  3. Beautiful chintz, my friend..nothing more beautiful for tea time than chintz china. You're so lucky to own an auction house too! Big hugs,

  4. Just beautiful! I love the bridal bouquet --- and the charming chintz. Chintz is always a favorite when it comes to teaware!

    I arrived via Bernideen's.

    Happy day to you!
    Gracious Hospitality

  5. Hello Betty, Your chintz tea pot is amazing! Oh how I love it! And the cups too. Beautiful. That is a creative way to use broaches. What an elegant look!

  6. I love your chintz, always loved that pattern!

    Love the idea with the brootches!

    Happy tea tuesday!

  7. Hi Betty, you know, I've always wanted a chintzy tea set. Or maybe a whole table setting. What fun and what a riot that would be! I've seen broaches incorporated into bouquets but never one made of broaches. It's lovely and I bet it'll sparkle on the big day. :)

  8. Love your chintz tea set! So very pretty! Thanks for having tea today!

  9. Dear Betty,
    What an extraordinary bouquet. Magnificant. It will sparkle. Are the brooches old ones? What a clever idea.
    Also, what an extraordinary tea set. Anytime I see chintz, my heart flutters. To have the tea pot and cup and saucer-wow but then to have that unique s/p? Wow, I would never leave it behind. It would always have to come out with the rest. What a gorgeous pattern that is!!! Love the raised plate too. Your tray is really beautiful too.
    Speaking of chintz, I love coming here just to see the flowers on the sides!
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  10. What a clever idea to use brooches in a bridal bouquet. I can imagine the sparkle. Your chintz teapot is fabulous, Betty! I agree with Bernideen, it must be fantastic to be owners of an auction house! Love all your chintz; so beautiful! Thanks for coming to tea, my friend, and have a happy day.


  11. Chintz...oh, so beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous Chintz - LOVE it! That is such a unique bouquet - under glass it looks amazing. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,