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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Open House continued...

Been one of those weeks, as I have been blogging, my mother in law hasn't been well, gone into a nursing home and starting to do great, when her oldest son died, Tuesday morning, he was buried today, so been a very stressful week. He is with God and out of pain. Isn't it amazing though you start out a week and it can be minutes or seconds and your whole world turns upside down.

Tuesday I blogged my Christmas Open House Demo, I showed two trees and will show the rest
now, saved them for Pink Saturday, come on in...

Will start with the Christmas Strawberry Santas for the Holiday treats on Beverlys blog
I showed these last week and Ruth from Antiques and Teacups showed them on her facebook page. Quite an honour...

made with cream cheese and icing sugar, the eyes I had from a cake decorating store, you can use anything. They are delicious


small Black Christmas tree for the kitchen,
Santa is sleeping under the tree on the skirt, matching blanket on the back of the
in golds, and coppers

dining room again, purple, jade and black

wanted to show my napkins that are an elf shoe, will do that next week
railing going upstairs, pictures I have been working on,
have empty spaces and have been looking for 3 x 5 frames and not having any luck
below is the top of upstairs, need a better picture
not a clear picture but Franks great great grandparents
Below this tree is purple and pink, my shoe/purse/femine tree

shoes/purses/bathtub, shoe tree, even some cupcakes,
below the hallway looking at the tree, red blob on it is a feathered negligee, I think, have to check it out. To the right is a computer station that my grandson used when he lived with us, wicker sewing basket that sits where the tree is.
the railing again and gr. greats

that's it for this week, will show two large trees and four more small ones,
joining Beverly at Pink Saturday



  1. Hi Betty.

    Your trees are delightful and the Santas look delicious. My little ones would love those. I NEVER liked a faux white tree...now...in my mid 40s...they've totally grown on me. Hmmm...perhaps in my future!

    BTW...I'd like to ask about your staircase. Is the banister painted black...or stained a deep walnut? I love the contrast with the white spindles. Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed your Christmas home tour so much! Your home is so beautiful and love the trees! Such cute santa strawberries, what a neat idea! Thank you for sharing your home with us and have a good week.

  3. Such a great idea! I hope I can find some sweet strawberries at this time of year. They have been looking a bit sad at my local market.