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Monday, 13 August 2012

Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday, the Tuesdays are 5 minutes away. Weather is still wonderful, great day for tea outside in the garden.
darn forgot to move the hose, and the weeds you see going down the
stairs to the basement is my Queen Annes Lace, didn't plant it, but have enjoyed having it.
Must pull it out now
Join me for tea with my two new tea cups n saucers, got at the last auction and the new teapot got from ebay. My rose napkin, in the pretty black and rose cup.

couldn't get the napkin in this tea cup, it is so pretty with the roses and
the gold trimming

this one is also so pretty, gold trimming, (didn't show the handle), forgot
                     to show the roses inside the cup, so ran downstairs and took more pictures to
                                              show all the roses and pedestal stemmed style tea cup.
Both of these cups n' saucers are gorgeous...
this cup n saucer is smaller than most -so dainty, I think one of my favourites,
            Although the teacup that Sandi showed last week is definitely one that I would love
Isn't is pretty, it's an Adderley -below

My new teapot, first time I used it, pink with roses, gold trimming, what more would you want in a  teapot?

the teapot lid of the New Country Roses, like a flower

Isn't this a pretty tea, wish you could join me...

the small dessert dish, more roses gold trim
by Royal Albert
blurry can't make out the name

Now with all this heat, my baking has fallen behind, I did have some squares above, but cheated and went to a bake shop. Tomorrow I have a cousin visiting from England with her three little boys and they are looking forward to some cupcakes, so turned on the stove and baked the cup cakes and then decked them out for little guys...
they have cars and truck surrounding the cake and stop lights and little blue car in the top,
tried to put the cloche over the holder but wouldn't work, so will transfer them in the morning. in the meantime they are parked under glass on a three tiered dish, like a three tiered parking garage.

Hope you enjoyed tea with me today, as I said above Tuesdays are 5 minutes away, so will see you in another ten minutes for the next Tea Time Tuesday,

for this week I will be joining

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thank you for any comments that you leave, I do look forward them...


  1. Your tea pot and tea cups are breath taking. Love the black with the roses. Stunning! Blessings, Martha

  2. What a wonderful setting for tea. Love your teacups and teapot and the cupcakes look yummy! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. What beautiful rosey dishes you have! Love the new teapot and both teacups. Your table looks so lovely! Its so much fun baking for kids and decorating them special. I've got the same problem with wild flowers popping up by my stairway, although its not really a problem, I enjoy them so!

  4. Good morning Betty,
    What a pretty tea you have set out in the garden. Love the tablecloth and lace! Both your teacups are lovely but I am loving your sweet teapot! I am pretty sure the little dish holding your squares is called Old English Rose. I have a matching teacup. Would love to sip tea at your lovely tea table! Thank you for joining me and have a delightful day.


  5. A very lovely tea setting, and I love the cloth and teacups!

  6. Wow, so many wonderful roses! A beautiful tea table in pink/white.

  7. Hi Betty,
    What a beautiful post! Love your tea setting in your garden. Beautiful teacups and teapot. I'm sure your little guests will love your cupcakes...so cute! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week.

  8. I just love the Rosina cup. I think it is so bold. Love the black with the pink roses. It sure is a keeper. Love the way you did up your rose napkins too!
    Happy day to you, Betty from Ruthie at :http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  9. That Royal Albert teapot is so special. Beautiful post with so many pretties!

  10. What a lovely table! Your teacups and teapot are really extra special.

  11. Your whole setting is "Delicious"...BUT...I'm going to pick a favorite cup&saucer for my tea and that IS the black and white one with the roses...(((LOVE IT))) "AND" I love the way you folded your napkins into a roll to like like cupcake frosting sticking up out of the cup...Thank you for sharing your party...
    Have a wonderful fun weekend,

  12. Gorgeous garden tea setting! I love the pink theme and all your lovely china. The two tea cups are just stunning, especially the black, white and pink rose set! Wow! Beautiful tea pot.
    I hope you had a nice visit, I am sure the boys were delighted with your totally awesome cupcakes!

  13. O MY!!

    Both tea cups are just drop dead gorgeous!!
    And that is such a precious tea pot!!
    What a beautiful summer teascape!!


  14. Awwww, this is adorable! Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. I love your beautiful new teapot and all of the lovely teacups. You have a wonderful collection. Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Always a delight to see these gorgeous pink! Catching up with Pink Saturday.

    My PINK
    Your comment is always a treat for me!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  17. Please come and visit Lady B and me. We are having a tea-themed giveaway.

  18. Me encantan todas las tazas, platos y teteras, soy fan de todo esto
    Esas risas en los platos, tazas... sin palabras. Gracias.